Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paying too much for Insurance? Check out Insurance Hunter.

This post brought to you by InsuranceHunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Journeys of The Zoo spends close to six months a year on the road. That makes for a lot of driving. Almost all of the responsibility lies with Ed which means,

Over 10,000 Kilometres a Year!

I was concerned when I read a recent survey by Insurance Hunter that polled 1,003 Ontario parents and found that “One-Third of Men Polled Have Nodded Off Behind Wheel”. I could hardly believe that the rates for Men were so high (30%) and especially in comparison to Women (only 14%)!

The survey also reveals that “young parents are more likely to drive tired than older counterparts”. Statistically, Ed has a lower chance of nodding off (because while he’s young at heart, he isn’t young in age). However, that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen to Ed or another driver on the road.

I highly suggest that you to take a look at Insurance Hunter’s safety survey and see if you or your family are at risk and what to do to avoid any unnecessary accidents. I know that I learned a lot. 

I find that being organized, especially for our 5-day trip to Mexico helps minimize Ed’s fatigue.  Yes, the entire Zoo (including two dogs and a cat) drive to Mexico. The survey also mentions some strategies that we implement such as; setting off at smart travel times (between 6 a.m. and noon) and ensure that the driver is well rested with plenty of planned breaks.

Until I found this survey, I hadn’t actually heard of Insurance Hunter. In case you haven’t either, their website states;

“Insurance Hunter is an online insurance brokerage that provides Ontario residents with hassle-free, online auto, home and travel insurance quotes from Ontario’s leading insurance companies.”

Their website also says that you can get three quotes in three minutes so I thought that I’d try it out. The application process took about three minutes, was predictable (I’ve received quotes before, not from Insurance Hunter) and all the information they asked for I had on hand. As advertised, my three auto insurance quotes were presented to me immediately on the screen and I found them to be competitive.

There’s always something going on at The Zoo so when I’m presented with an easy and no-fuss way to ensure that we are properly insured at the best price possible, I’m interested in finding out more. I encourage you to visit their website ( because you just might find that,

Insurance Hunter is for You.

Besos, The Zoo

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18 thoughts on “Paying too much for Insurance? Check out Insurance Hunter.

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    That nod-off rate for men is astounding! I can totally believe that young parents are more likely to drive tired – sadly, many of my friends fall into that category and it really worries me. Sleep deprivation had a scarily important role in so many of the world’s major accidents.

    Three quotes in three minutes – I’m so going to try that out right now. My favourite number is ‘3’ – how could I resist? 😉

    Thanks for the seriously informative post, my friend!

  2. Rene Beaubien

    I was born and raised in BC – where there is one crown corp through which everyone buys their vehicle insurance. When I moved to ON I was overwhelmed by the task of shopping around for quotes etc. A service like this sounds great!

  3. Just Us Girls

    Those stats are just crazy and scary, I don’t understand why people don’t pull over to get some rest. When we drove to California I stayed up with my husband then entire time and when I felt he was getting tired I made him pull in to the next rest stop, sleep is something we need, especially driving on long trips.

  4. Shayna

    I’m in Saskatchewan and we have no options for basic car insurance (although we do for package policies)so getting the “best price” for the basic insurance just isn’t an option for us.

    Driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk and we need to be more aware of the risks tired drivers create!

  5. Katie Hale

    Stats like these are what make me cringe everytime we hit the road! I was shocked when we recently took a road trip through a few states here and we passed through Tennessee on a Sunday then entered it again on our way home on Thursday. On Sunday the signs on the Interstate said 762 fatalities thus far for 2012 due to highway accidents. On Thursday on our way home they showed 793 fatalities.

  6. Melissa Campeau

    Shopping around for insurance is definitely worth it! We don’t have this company in Canada but they still sound terrific. But I agree, the stats are mind blowing.. can’t believe it!


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