Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Want to Go to a Blogging Conference with The Zoo? You Can!

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ShesConnected 2012 is being held in Toronto on October 19th and 20th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Journeys of The Zoo is Going!

In case you haven’t heard about the blogging conference or what it’s all about, here is some information from their website:

Our mission is twofold: to provide a platform for connections, be they social, business, or to build social media brand partnerships. This year, we’re celebrating our fifth year of successful online networking. We created the ShesConnected Conference to extend the online community and to enable ShesConnected members to meet face-to-face each year. The conference also provides the opportunity for brands to meet in-person with their digital influencers and understand better how to build online relationships. We are the Bloggers and Brands conference of The Year!

Journeys of The Zoo has been sharing regular updates with Family and Friends since 2010. In the spring of this year, we added Reviews and Giveaways to our blog makeup and have been having a great time.

In turn, we felt that participating in this year’s conference was the next logical step in World Blog Domination educating ourselves on how we can better meet the needs of our Followers and continue to grow while having fun at the same time.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for meeting many of our Canadian peers, introducing ourselves to leading Brands and Sponsors such as Canadian Beef, Maple Leaf, CAA, Benjamin Moore, Molson Canadian 67 and many more. As well, sharing what’s special about Journeys of The Zoo.


We want YOU to be a Part of it!


I apologize if I mislead you. You probably aren’t technically coming with me (although tickets are still available), however, you can come along as a Sponsor.

You see, I need to Get There, Lodge There, Have Something to Wear There and Require Some Little Extras While There.

And that’s where you come in. If you are interested in a partial or full Sponsorship, please contact me to view our Sponsorship Package which includes items such as a Blog Post about your Company, Regular Tweets, Facebook/Google+/Pinterest Posts and Ad Space in exchange for your contribution. Your package can be catered to what works for you.


No contribution is too small!


The little extras include a: Tablet (a tablet is little), Media Kit design, phone case, thank you notes, notepad, pens (left-handed of course), baseball cap, badges, and something special that will make Journeys of The Zoo stand out. Note that any and all monogrammed items would be greatly appreciated.

Support Journeys of The Zoo and have an opportunity to rub shoulders with over 40 Sponsors/Partners and Hundreds of Influential Canadian Bloggers! Remember, the earlier you sign up, the more promotion you get. Rest assured, I will work very hard for you and your company! Only 31 sleeps until…


Journeys of The Zoo and YOU head to ShesConnected 2012!



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