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Kids Eat and Shop for Fruits & Vegetables with Copy-Kids!

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Journeys of The Zoo has been raving for several months now about how Copy-Kids has encouraged Max and Artemis to eat their vegetables.

In case you don’t remember, before Copy-Kids, the kids ate avocados and carrots. Since watching the video, we’ve added cucumbers, red peppers, peas and tomatoes to our daily diet.

This year I added tomatoes to the garden with high hopes that they’d get eaten. Thanks to Copy-Kids, the kids loved going out to pick them and they even ate them whole, just like apples!

Maximilian and Artemis picking Tomatoes from our Garden

Think it won’t happen in your house, I ran an experiment and lent my tape to the offical skeptic my BFF Rene and here is her experience:

Maximilian and Artemis eating Vegetables

“We started with Cucumber and Red Pepper, usually a hard sell. After a couple of minutes intensely watching the screen, I asked her if she wanted to try some vegetables. Still focussed on Copy Kids, she nodded. She took a few bites which is a real win for me!

The next day, the same thing except this time, at dinner, without the assistance from Copy-Kids, she chose to eat one of the oft-left-uneaten peppers on her plate. I couldn’t believe it!

The speed of the video was slow enough that my two year old could easily follow along. We will definitely watch the video again. Now if only they could make a version that works for my husband…”

But that’s not where the magic ends. Copy-Kids has gone one step further by incorporating kids into the entire shopping experience with a Fruits and Vegetables shopping list. Just for Them!

Copy-Kids Fruits and Vegetables Shopping List for Kids

When I heard that Copy-Kids had created a shopping list for kids, I thought, great idea, too bad my kids are too young. I had assumed that it would be textual based and my kids can’t read yet.

Was I ever pleased when I printed out the list and my (almost) three year olds got the concept right away. For once, they weren’t bored with our weekly shop and I was pleased to make the normally challenging experience into a learning opportunity. They loved pointing out all the items they saw on the list and were only confused by one picture (they called the tomato an apple, but they knew the apple was an apple). I highly suggest that you visit Copy-Kids website and get copies for your kids.

Maximilian and Artemis shopping for Fruits and Vegetables
Download your Shopping Lists Here for FREE!

Wait a minute, that’s not it! Watch for the Copy-Kids Giveaway being posted tomorrow and Enter to Win a copy of the DVD for yourself as well as a $25 Whole Food Gift Certificate. The best prize will be watching Copy-Kids and having your kids,

Eat their Fruits and Vegetables!

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Note that Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for writing this post. All opinions are 100% our own.

Besos, The Zoo

14 thoughts on “Kids Eat and Shop for Fruits & Vegetables with Copy-Kids!

  1. Cheryl Kirkness

    This is something for me to remember when my little guy is old enough to understand. I’m not always the best example when it comes to good eating habits – something I have to work on for sure!

  2. Brandi Yee

    I have this DVD, and can honestly say that it really helps!! My kids love watching all the different foods that these kids eat and always want to try or eat the same foods. It’s awesome for picky eaters and really does make a different. Love the shopping list idea too!


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