Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Three Potato-keteers and Other Useless Drivel

Mr Potato Head

I haven’t done a “Useless Drivel” post in a while and I’m well overdue. Not because my readers have been begging for it (the opposite perhaps) but because I have so many unimportant things to tell you.

1. The Three Potato-keteers
Around one year ago, I took a picture of the kids Mr. Potato Head creation. I can’t seem to find it but it’s safe to say that they didn’t look anything like this. Think arm coming out of the top of the head, noses as ears and no eyes.

Hasbro was at the ShesConnected conference and I had a chance to see some of the great new products that they’ve got. Hopefully the latest Elmo won’t scare the kids like the last one.

What a difference a year makes.

2. Facebook Giveaway Wall
It’s Tuesday. Looking for Canadian friendly giveaways to enter? Looking to promote your Canadian friendly giveaways? You’ve come to the right place. Head on over to my Facebook Wall and enter and post away. Everyone is welcome and there’s no limit. Good Luck!

3. My Latest Obsession: Fiverr.com
An old hag I know (her words, not mine) introduced me to the website Fiverr.com. I think it might be the next big thing. I mean, everyone needs to be sung Happy Birthday in Welsh by a guy in a wooly hat and thong. Who cares if he can’t sing…

4. Have you Voted for Journeys of The Zoo?
Voting for this round of the Canadian Blog Awards will run until October 31. Have you stopped by and seen all the great blogs that have been nominated? Have you completed your one-time-vote (for this round) in the “Best Humour Blog” category (think Journeys of The Zoo)?

5. I Conquered ShesConnected 2012!
I had an incredible time filled with friends, laughter, hugs, learning and everything in between. I’m writing posts as we speak and look forward to sharing this adventure with you. In a nutshell, well worth the trip.

6. Repurposed Sleeping Bags
As a baby shower gift, Nanna’s Best Friend Rachel made the kids 30 flannel swaddling blankets in five different fabrics. She always loved to tell me how when she bought the fabric, she told them they were for Triplets so the Manager tripled the order.

We used them every day. For an entire year.

Artemis in Handmade Sleeping BagBy the second year, they weren’t getting used as much and were taking up space in the closet. I kept eight for sentimental purposes and to have in the car just in case. I took the rest to the NICU where the kids were born. There’s more to the story but I’ll save that for a post about Alexander. They’d been well loved.

For the last six months, they hadn’t been used at all so when Nanna called asking if the kids had any sleeping bags, I got an idea. Seeing as I misplaced their sleep sacks (luckily they were not in them at the time) and I’m too cheap to buy more (they run upwards of $20 each!), I decided to make them myself.

Max and Artemis Sleeping in Their Handmade Sleeping Bags
They turned out great, big enough for a sleep over look professional-ish (I made them completely reversable). The bonus is that the kids have been asking to nap more often because they love them so much!

Sadly, I won’t be able to share my story about the blankets that keep on giving as Rachel passed away suddenly last month from a brain aneurysm. Nanna says that she’d be proud.

7. News Flash: Today is October 22.
Around here, you might think it was January 19. Definitely winter. What with the snow fall last week (yes, snowfall) and all the frosted mornings.

You wouldn’t know it from looking in the garden. Tonight we had beets, onions, lettuce and spinach as well as tomatoes all picked fresh today (minus the tomatoes).

The lettuce and spinach came out of nowhere. In fact, we hardly even got to enjoy any this year. Due to the heat, the spinach came up so fast and then went to seed within one week. The first plant of lettuce didn’t come up at all.

Anything Growing in your Garden?

3 thoughts on “The Three Potato-keteers and Other Useless Drivel

  1. fredamans

    I wish I had a backyard to have a garden. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment and all I could have was an herb garden in a pot by the window. What I wouldn’t give to have a big garden with all kinds of yummy veggies.
    Sorry to read about Rachel’s passing. (((HUGS))) I do hope to hear the blanket story one day though.


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