Monday, November 19, 2012

How you Can Help Iams #Home4TheHolidays Pet Adoption Drive

Five out of eight members of Journeys of The Zoo are adopted.

While my story has a happy beginning, Reina was found starved (almost) to death and Phoenix had his throat cut. Fighters need to win…

That’s why I’m honoured to be a part of Iams Family of Bloggers promoting awareness of the Home 4 The Holidays initiative.


Iams Home 4 The Holidays Logo

Did you know that this is Iams 14th year focussing on raising awareness of pet adoption and ensuring proper nutrition for more homeless pets? This year, they will once again work in conjunction with founding partner Helen Woodward Animal Center, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and more than 4,000 animal organizations Worldwide to encourage pet adoption.

As part of this initiative, seven million pets have been adopted Worldwide with over 1.2 milllion during last years holiday campaign. The program which runs from Oct. 1, 2012 through Jan. 2, 2013 has already donated 486,734 meals to rescues and shelters. Their goal… 5 million meals! Iams is putting their money where their mouth is and,

Now it’s your turn!

Canadians can participate in the program in more ways than one. Lend a hand by:

Helen Woodward Animal Center President

    • Donating through Bags 4 Bowls. For those who are already pet parents, Iams will donate one bowl of food to a participating Iams Home 4 the Holidays animal organization for every specially marked package of Iams pet food purchased during the campaign,
    • Adopting from a local shelter. Every day more and more animals end up in shelters or in rescue care, and more than 25 per cent are pure breeds*. This is important to keep in mind when deciding to bring a pet into your life, the animal you’re looking for is probably in your neighbourhood shelter. To find a participating animal shelter or rescue organization near you, visit or,“Shelters and rescues around the country are overflowing with great adoptable animals awaiting forever homes,” said Mike Arms, founder of the adoption drive and president of Helen Woodward Animal Center.
  • Volunteering. Shelters need volunteers to do everything from feeding, caring for and keeping rescue animals company, to assisting at events and fundraisers. If you can’t adopt but would still love to help do so as a volunteer,
  • Interact on Facebook. Visit Iams Facebook page and click “Like” to the page, comments, photos or any posts. For each “Like”, Iams will donate meals to participating animal shelters. That was easy.

*CFHS Canadian Federation for Humane Societies.

While we can’t change the past, we can have an impact on the future.

Support Iams Home 4 The Holidays.

Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for writing this post, however, all opinions are our own.

9 thoughts on “How you Can Help Iams #Home4TheHolidays Pet Adoption Drive

  1. Nicole

    I recently had the opportunity to learn about this great cause while at a P&G event. I love the initiatives to help in the wellness of furbabies over the holiday season!

  2. Kelly @ City Mom

    Great post! And so very important! I have a question, when I think about getting a dog (which I do want to do soon) I want to “rescue” one that needs a loving home. My worry is that because you don’t always know what the dog has been through and its past traumas and subsequently its triggers, is it safe to bring a rescue into the home with young children?

    1. Journeys of The Zoo


      How exciting and great that you want to adopt. I can’t imagine my life without animals. They are a lot of work and responsibility though!

      Great question. I’m not personally affiliated with any of the shelters and I’m sure that they each do things a bit differently.

      However, it’s my understanding that in many cases, the pet must pass some “tests” to try and determine what type of family would be a good fit. Lots of times, they have some family history (were kids present/around). Regardless, they’re still an animal and can be unpredicatable.

      When the times right, you can contact the London Humane Society (

      All the best and be sure to blog about it!

      Besos, Sarah
      Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. NenaS

    This is such a great thing Iams is doing for pets! I adopted a shelter cat (actually a Himalayan similar to the one the guy in the picture is holding!)

  4. 2012july

    We’ve been using Iams for a couple years now. After unsuccessfully trying to control the weight of our cats using other cat foods, we started using Iams Indoor Cat Hairball Control dry food. They’ve both lost weight and are almost at “normal” weight now. We haven’t noticed much difference with the hairballs, but with such success with weight control, we plan to continue with Iams.
    Sorry – I didn’t intend to sound like a commercial, but we ARE pleased with the product.
    I’m happy to hear about what Iams is doing for animal shelters (our cats are former shelter cats), so I made a bunch of clicks on their facebook site.


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