Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kids Gift Pack Giveaway $135, 4 Prizes, US/CAN, 12/25

Kids Gift Pack Prizes
Want to get the rest of your kids shopping done for FREE? Enter to win this great Kids Gift Pack totalling over $135 (actually $140 but we don’t want to appear to exaggerate) hosted by Journeys of The Zoo and shared by some of her good friends.

Four prizes + one winner = BIG WIN!

1. Complete Child Development Program ($87).

Complete Child Development Program LogoWhile I am not personally familiar with this system, my good friend Laura has begun the program with her six-year old daughter and posted some positive things on her blog.

What I do know is that they’re a Canadian company and their website claims that their program builds strong self-esteem and confidence. Considering the fact that they have a 30-day, No risk, Money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Connect with Complete Child Development Program via their Website.


2. Standard and Deluxe Kit from Little Jots ($21).

Little Jots Deluxe Standard Kit

This product from Little Jots should look familiar because I just posted a review on it yesterday.

A couple of things that I didn’t mention (I had to leave something to surprize) was that the Standard Pack is crazy affordable at only $5.95.

Not only that but it functions as a “refill” for the Deluxe Kit. It also comes in it’s own sealed cardboard box and is even shrink wrapped. Did I mention that all the kits come with free shipping!?

Connect with Little JOTS via their Website: http://www.littlejots.com, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Jots/116104015092865, and Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlejots/.


3. Funbites, Choice of cubes or hearts ($12)

Funbites Heart Food CutterDo you have a picky eater? If so, you should give this product a try. At the very least, you’ll have cute shaped canteloupes…

You can use it on almost any food, such as; fruit, grilled cheese, and pancakes. It even made it on The Zoo’s Holiday Guide.

Be sure to watch out for The Zoo’s review of this versatile and fun for the whole family product.

Connect with Funbites on their Website: http://www.funbites.com, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FunBites and Twitter: https://twitter.com/funbites.


Copy-Kids Fruits Vegetables DVD

4. Copy-Kids DVD ($20)

If you’re still having problems with getting your kid to eat certain foods then we still have you covered with Copy-Kids Eat your Fruits and Vegetables DVD. The Zoo has had such success with this product and I can’t say enough great things about it!

Connect with Copy-Kids via Website/YouTube: http://copy-kids.com/, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CopyKids and Twitter: https://twitter.com/CopyKids

Now’s Your Chance to WIN!


Prize: Four Prizes, One Winner: Complete Child Development Program ($87), Little Jots Deluxe and Standard Kits ($21), Funbites Food Cutter, Choice of Squares or Hearts ($13), Copy-Kids Eat your Fruits and Vegetables DVD ($20)
Eligibility: USA and CANADA.
Duration: The contest will run from Tuesday, December 4 until Tuesday, December 25, 2012, inclusive.
Shipping: Included in the prize.
Entry Method: Rafflecopter Form.
Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received no compensation for hosting this giveaway. Note that we have completed reviews in the past where compensation was provided.

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119 thoughts on “Kids Gift Pack Giveaway $135, 4 Prizes, US/CAN, 12/25

  1. Heather H

    I would give this to my daughter and share it with my little cousin, especially since they’re both picky eaters!

  2. Wayne Lecoy

    Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The
    Complete Child Development Program,
    Little Jots Deluxe and Standard Kits,
    Funbites Food Cutter,Choice of Squares or Hearts,
    And Copy-Kids Eat your Fruits and Vegetables DVD.
    In Response To Your Question Of
    Who would you give these items to?
    I Would Give Them To My Niece And Nephew.


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