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Baby Organic Joy Giveaway

Baby Organic Joy is Giving Away $500*!

Pretend that you just won $500 in baby products from Baby Organic Joy. Yes, I just wrote “you and “$500” in the same sentence. I lied. How about if you and two other people each won $500! Now, that’s better… «more»

Personalize Your Back to School Items with Stuck on You

Just because Christmas was last month, doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook for gift giving. Besides, graduations happen and so does Christmas. Besides, birthdays come around every.single.year. And, we wouldn’t want to forget… Back to School Items from Stuck… «more»


The Mystery of the Oarfish is Solved!

Two weeks ago, we got the phone call that no one wants to get. Our closest friend (whom Ed has known for over 40 years) walked into the hospital in the morning and by 1 pm was in open heart… «more»

mexican bazar sign

How to Make Some Extra Money in Mexico

Remember that little misunderstanding that we had with respect to our finances (or lack there of)? Well, we came up with Plan “C” and thought we’d run it by you… Hold a Bazar a.k.a. Garage Sale! The saying “if you… «more»

Santa Domingo Market San Cristobal

A Taste of Life in Mexico

You have been asking us questions about what our day-to-day looks like so I thought I’d answer your questions and give you a taste of life in Mexico. Question One: What does your day look like? As for the kids… «more»

Small Water Creek

Imagine that Water was a Luxury and not a Right

Photo Source: Jade Mexico has serious water accessibility and supply issues. They are not alone in their plight. However, in Canada, we are fortunate and it doesn’t seem to affect us as much. As it does here in Mexico. March… «more»