Monday, January 28, 2013

The Mystery of the Oarfish is Solved!

Two weeks ago, we got the phone call that no one wants to get. Our closest friend (whom Ed has known for over 40 years) walked into the hospital in the morning and by 1 pm was in open heart surgery to replace his Aorta. He had a 80% chance of surviving the surgery. After that, it was anyone’s guess.

Within 45 minutes of the call, we were on the road to Nanna’s House (a four hour drive).

Maximilian and Artemis with Abuela

Ed spent the weekend at the hospital and we spent it with Los Abuelos and Uncle Kevin who happened to be in the city visiting Uncle Andrew.

They had a wild and crazy party weekend planned. If The Zoo is anything, we’re “wild and crazy”.

Not exactly what they had planned.

I told them they could blame Fred.

Seeing as Nanna has four tv’s in the house (note that only three people live there), the kids got in their fair share of cartoons. That and it’s kind of a treat as we don’t have tv (the horror). We set it on Treehouse and went about getting things done with the expectation that they wouldn’t leave the tv for a moment. We weren’t disappointed.

Somewhere along the way, they saw an “Orrphish”. I know because for the past two weeks, Max and Artemis have been drawing pictures of him, asking if he can sit at the table and updating me on the characteristics of said Beast.

I was fine with having their “imaginary” friend along for the ride but Nanna wanted to know more. With some fine sleuthery (rivaled only by Sherlock), we managed to deduce the following;

We lives in the water, is very long, pink, he’s a boy and doesn’t have tusks (later understood to mean “toothless”).

Oar Fish as Illustrated by Sarah
Something like this perhaps…

Every day she’d call with possible suggestions and I’d run them by the kids.Was it a Whale? No.

A Dolphin? No.

An Oro Fish? No! (They have a serious set of teeth on them!)

Nanna and I were out of options and the kids were adamant about their description and that they weren’t mispronouncing the word (not a far stretch for kids that aren’t even three). Nanna even tried to narrow down our search by looking up Treehouse programming for that weekend. No luck, nothing about an “Orrphish” only Max and Ruby, Go Diego Go and some show called the Octonauts.

Ah ha!

The Octonauts is some underwater show with lots of different creatures. Wouldn’t you know it, when I did a search, up came a recent episode with an “Oar Fish” in it!

Sure enough, everything that the kids had described was true and he looked a lot like the creature up above. So, the mystery of the Orrfish, make that Oar Fish was solved.

Do Your Kids Love the Octonauts?


Update: This post was originally written in September and I only got around to posting it now. Thankfully, Fred continues to make a full recovery.

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