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Custom Artwork is Milestone Prints Specialty

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Every day is a gift. However, some days are more memorable than others.

For me, that day would be December 11, 2009… the kids birthday.

Milestone Prints, a Canadian company was established in August 2012 and has created countless custom artwork memories for Grandparents, Parents, Spouses, and many others. To date, their unique masterpieces have been shipped throughout Canada and the USA. The inspiration behind the business came from Leah’s parents wedding cross stitch piece that hung in the family dining room. Milestone Prints is a modern twist on an old family tradition.

Leah is a hands-on owner and is involved in many aspects of the business; designer, photographer, accountant, web builder, product development. On top of that, she’s a mother to three boys under five. Her organization and creativity (outside of playdoh sandwiches and castle creations) is evident in the work she produces.

For me, picking the event to commemorate… a no-brainer.

Choosing a product, Birth Milestone Print with UV Laminate… simple.

Knowing what to put on it… not so much.

Thankfully, the online ordering process was intuitive and provided me with a template to work with. Even though it was designed for one baby, I was able to make the necessary changes so that it worked for three. I also had multiple font styles and colour schemes to choose from.

milestone prints packaging and backing

Within 72 hours of placing my order, I received a proof in my inbox. Considering Leah had never done a design for multiples before (let alone triplets), she did a fabulous job fitting all the text.

After it was approved, it arrived at my door 10 business days later. Which is ahead of schedule as their website states “allow 12 days for delivery”!

The packaging was very robust and reusable (bubblewrap) and/or recyclable (kraft paper). The backing was covered and came with a hook and cute custom sticker. I could tell that a lot of thought had gone into the details.

But what was inside was the real treasure.

milestone prints birth print-600

This is the one and only piece that I have that mentions all three of the kids. The one thing that they will forever share… their birth. It’s difficult to explain how special this print is to me.

Milestone Prints exceeded my expectations from a customer service and product perspective. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.

Their website states the prints are for; Wedding, Baby and Family, however, I’m confident that they could create a memory for any event. Don’t forget that shipping* is FREE with every order!

Milestone Prints works hard to make your special event more than just a memory but something to be cherished.

Custom Artwork is Milestone Prints Specialty

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Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

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123 thoughts on “Custom Artwork is Milestone Prints Specialty

  1. Rhonda

    I would select one of the family milestones. Since we have a large family, it would be nice to have the custom artwork. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Teresa M.

    I would choose the Birth Milestone Print only. I would like to have this for my daughter and son. A great way to create a happy memory.

  3. Queen

    Hmmmm… maybe the day I bought my house after my divorce. Or the first time I BBQ’d by myself. Oh… or the first time I pumped my own gas! While they’re all milestones, chances are it would be my children’s birthdays! Beautiful prints! Great Contest.


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