Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Week. Another Weekly Drivel Post.

Drivel Graphic
Another week.

Another weekly drivel post.

This one has pictures and a video.

I’m hoping that they’ll distract you into not noticing that the post lacks substance.

1. Did you know that we are currently residing in Central Standard Time Zone (CST). That means we’re one hour behind everyone in Ontario (a.k.a. EST). Mexicans don’t recognize Daylight savings time so soon we’ll be two hours behind.

2. The kids prefer taking a bath (to a shower) and we don’t have one in Mexico. In past years, I’ve brought them into the shower with me while they screamed and kicked. Fun. That worked okay while they were under 20 pounds, however, at almost 30, we needed to come up with Plan “B”…

Max Bathing in a Bucket

Plan “B”

3. While Ed was away last week (by the way, in case I hadn’t told you, Ed was in Canada last week), the kids and I walked down to the heart of the market for the first time. It was a first time for walking that long without my stroller for assistance and the first time that they’d been to the market. They were so tired after the three-hour tour (what’s the reference?) that they had a nap for the first time in 10 weeks. It might have also had something to do with the fact that they (and in turn I), only had six hours sleep the night before.

Sweet Grass Baskets for Sale

4. While we were in the market, I took some more pictures of items available for purchase. Remember that 100% of the proceeds go to saving “The Street Dogs of Mexico”.

Note the “customer” in the top left hand corner.

5. Speaking of which, to say that their nighttime routine has left me with feelings of “Wow, it’s 11pm and the kids have been up since 6am. I’m so happy that I get to spend all this time with them”, would be a BIG lie.

6. We brought two tricycles with us this trip as we have a big, flat patio for them to ride them on. Unlike in Canada where we live on a gravel road and have a gravel driveway. This week, Max got on “Artemis’ bike” and after a lot of practice managed to master riding a bike. I’m sure that he’ll be riding motorcycles like his Dad in no time.

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