Friday, March 29, 2013

A Case of Writers Block Perhaps?

Writers Block at The Zoo It happens in the best of Families.To the best of Bloggers.

And it’s been a monkey on my back for seven.long.days.

I think I have a severe case of…

Writer’s Block!

Note: Proceed with caution as it may be contagious

Well, I thought so until I looked up the definition (Hello Wikipedia) and realized that you actually have to be a writer to have it.

You’d think I would have been relieved. I mean, writer’s block can be serious. Unfortunately, I was disappointed as I still didn’t have any answers as to why my creative juices weren’t flowing.

Next up on my internet search, the definition for “Aphasia”. I’m pleased to report, I don’t have it. Still no confirmed diagnosis.

Maybe a definition isn’t really important. Perhaps I’ll just figure out how to beat “whatever IT is” and call it a day.

I found some Writer’s Block Tips however, they weren’t useful at all. The only one that I was able implement was #2 and it’s the only one that I’m not supposed to do.

Back to the drawing board.

I found another site trying to help and thought that I might be able to tackle #5 but it’s really hard to do laundry without water.

No water you ask?

After arriving home safe and sound on Tuesday, we turned the water back on and the pipes sprung a leak. Ed has had business meetings since that time and he hasn’t had a chance to fix them.

See how serious it is. I can’t even write a post about nothing.


Maybe it’s not as serious as I thought.

Ever Had Writer’s Block? Any Ideas?

9 thoughts on “A Case of Writers Block Perhaps?

  1. Lisa Newlin

    Writer's block is a serious condition that affects both writers and non-writers alike. It is no laughing matter and something that should be taken seriously. I think the cure is to go do something stupid. It will make you feel better but it will also give you fodder for the blog post.

    I keep running notes of ideas I have for posts whenever they come to me. So in my phone in the

  2. Christy Maurer

    Yes, step #1 stand on your head, step #2 stand back up, step #3 shake your head to see if you loosened the block, step #4 if not repeat steps #1-#3. Hope that helps. If not try wearing your pajamas backwards and spinning around 3 times….no wait, that's for snow days. I got nothin.

  3. Paige

    Writer's block is no fun! I force myself to write something everyday on the particular project when I'm suffering from writer's block, even if I only spend 5 minutes and end up editing that part out. At least I've made some forward motion, which helps with further motivation and it's much easier to edit and change than it is to start with a blank page :).

    Hope you

  4. Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom

    Ouch. Writer's block is a painful condition, not to be taken lightly.

    Here's some advice… if you have an app-friendly device, get the Sleepstream2 app – listen to the focus or creativity binaural beats – it's shocking how fast it works. Or, you can just create a writable moment by doing something completely stupid.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  5. Whitney Jones

    I have trouble coming up with things to write about. Sometimes I just sit at my computer thinking and before you know it, an hour has past and I still haven't come up with a solid topic.

    The last couple of days, I've been using my cell phone to jot down paragraphs and notes to what I've been wanting to say.

    Hopefully that helps me eventually corral an entire blog

  6. Amanda @ Living in Another Language

    I completely agree with Whitney (above)! There are lots of times during the day that I think of something that would be interesting to write about, only to have my mind completely freeze up when I sit in front of my computer!
    I use my iphone ‘notes’ to jot down these interesting ideas right after I think of them, to help trigger my ‘inner writer.’


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