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Weekly Drivel from Mexico that Includes a Monkey

I’ll get right to the point.If you don’t want to read about Earthquakes, Spanglish, More Mexican Parties, Monkeys and the chance to win TONS of giveaways then no point in reading this weeks post. Don’t worry if you miss out,… «more»

Capture First Memories with Glow Baby Journals

Baby brain makes you forget things.Baby brain makes you forget things (smile). New parents are often pushed to their limits, with lack of rest, stress and an overwhelming sense of insecurity. Glow Baby understands this and can help alleviate some… «more»

All-Natural Care for your Clothes with Woolzies Dryer Balls

Since the kids came along, our electrical bills have increased by 40%!?That’s a lot for a single-income family. The culprit, Laundry! Non-existent potty training, arts and crafts and cloth towels all contribute to the load. That’s why I was excited… «more»

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Come Spinning at Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts (Canadian Feature)

Journeys of The Zoo’s I Am Canadian Feature for March is Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts. What a pleasure to find such unique and renewable products available locally. Please take a moment to read about Heather’s original company and inspiring initiatives… «more»