Friday, April 19, 2013

Kids Can Jump in the Puddles with @Stonzwear Kids Rain Boots!

Spring is such a busy time.

Flowers are in Bloom. Gardens are being planted. It rains everyday.

I’m not big on the last one but this year, The Kids get to play in puddles and I get piece of mind that,

Their Feet will be Dry with Stonz Rain Bootz!

A Canadian company based in Vancouver, Stonz Wear Inc. got it’s start when Owner Lisa discovered that finding warm footwear for her young kids was near impossible. Her only option, wrapping scarves around her 5-month old sons’ legs to keep him warm.

After meeting another mom who had made a boot that looked a lot like a fleece-lined chalk bag for her child. Lisa instantly knew these booties could fill a need in the market. And the rest they say is history.

There is no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing ~ Lisa

Our review of their creatively named, Stonz Rain Bootz came at the perfect time. The rain boots that we’d bought for Artemis had just torn where an appliqué flower was “applied”. The 2″ tear at the bottom of the boot left them unusable. She’d only worn them a handful of times.

Stonz Wear Rain Bootz

Choosing a colour was tough, especially when you have such vibrant colours to choose from. I chose the neutral colour charcoal so that The Kids could share.

The sizing chart was just right. Of course I ordered a size too big (what Mother doesn’t) and the size 8’s were roomy but didn’t inhibit Max’s ability to get around and jump in rain puddles!

The treads are wide and deep, perfect for walking on muddy gravel roads as well as slippery wet grass. Living in the country, we have lots of both at this time of year.

While these 100% Natural Rubber Boots also have an appliqué, it is at the top of the boot and doesn’t appear to use the same adhesive technique as “the other company”. They are lined with a soft cottony lining and the insole is removeable. Great if you need to dry them out or if your kids have orthotics.

Speaking of which, their Original Booties have received several awards, including a “Seal of Approval” from the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association who were impressed by the construction and warranty of the products.

Stonz Wear Rain Bootz CollageThe integrity of a company is a major factor in how I spend my hard earned money.

Right from the beginning, Stonz Wear was upfront that while they were a Canadian company, the boots were not Made in Canada.

They wanted to use 100% Natural Rubber, and avoid using PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde and lead and they couldn’t find a suitable producer here in Canada. I appreciated that they provided me with this information.

Even so, rest assured Stonz Wear Inc. is 100% Canadian.

Stonz Wear is a perfect fit for The Zoo!

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Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product that enabled us to complete this review.

16 thoughts on “Kids Can Jump in the Puddles with @Stonzwear Kids Rain Boots!

  1. Rene Beaubien

    Thanks for the review – I have seen others wearing Stonz and wondered if they were as good as I imagined. We need new rainboots too so I will check these out for sure!

  2. J Rye

    Oh I want one of these! That would be fun to wear on rainy days!

    New follower here, please drop by when you can and hopefully follow back. Thanks.

  3. Sandy

    Love, love, love the look of these boots! What a perfect combination. Our little man needs the protection of rain boots at this time of year, but needs warm from the cold damp air. Looks like these would work well. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  4. jheylo

    that's what all kids love to do 😀 my kids have rainboots too and when it rains they love it especially when we walk home from school because they get to play with the puddle

  5. Anonymous

    Stacey L

    These boots sound amazing and great for rainy weather. My kids love puddles. Love the color of the boots these look very durable and long lasting.


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