Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do you Believe in Fairy HobMothers? I Do!

Fairy Hobmother Comes to Visit Journeys of The Zoo
For the past few months, I’ve been telling myself that Fairies, Unicorns and Leprechauns were figments of other peoples imaginations.Seeing as we know the latter two exist, I couldn’t kid myself any longer.

I had to come to terms with the fact that Fairies exist…

Just not in my world.

And then it happened…


He contacted me. Yes, you read that correctly, He.

Who am I talking about?

The Infamous Fairy HobMother!

The best part, it wasn’t in my dreams.

Like so many of my peers before me, he sent me an email. Fairies are well connected and have been known to kick butt at Candy Crush Saga.

His one simple request, let you know about his kind Fairy Overlords. Also known as “Appliances Online”. In my original post, I wrote “overloAds” and not “overloRds”. I think I made a funny…

And that one email made me a believer in all things “Fairy”.

Are you still a Fairy Skeptic?

Leave a comment below for the Fairy HobMother (be sure to leave your blog URL so he can stop by and visit you) and you just might turn into a…

Fairy HobMother Believer!

Journeys of The Zoo was compensated for writing this post.

29 thoughts on “Do you Believe in Fairy HobMothers? I Do!

  1. Night Owler

    I’m curious to who this fairy is. Only fairy I know is Tink and I’m a big fan of hers. But ok I’ll leave a link for this fairy hop.

    do fairies really hop? lol

    I’ll be surprised if I get a comment b/c well now a days you have to kiss some bootay or be in the “blog clique” to get comments and I i dont either

  2. Sny Med

    It sounds like you had a fun visit from the Fairy Hobmother! Thanks for weighing in on the issue of whether the fairy is real or not!


  3. Shayna Murray

    LOL oh the famous fairy. He seems to create quite a stir. I’ll stick with the lovely and silent (at least back in her good old Peter Pan days) Tinkerbell.

    Oh and Unicorns are real! My daughter just told me the other day that they are shiny, magical horses with a horn. I believe her.

  4. Stephanie LaPlante

    I’m a bad blogger as my newish blog has been neglected for several months. I suppose that means I’ll postpone sharing with the lovely fairy for now. P.S. I totally believe…hehe…no really…I do. o_O

  5. Lynn M

    I believe but I am also curious about the Fairy Hobmother. and I wish I had a regular blog to have a visitor.


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