Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flower, Foe or Wine. What Do You See? {WW}

Dandelions as Far as the Eye can See


11 thoughts on “Flower, Foe or Wine. What Do You See? {WW}

  1. Shari G

    I see something that causes strife in our family and puts me promptly in the middle! LOL

    My hubby hates them, my boys love them and bring them home to me, or pick them and blow the seeds and I hear about it! LOL

    I have a friend who has a field of them, and she just takes pics of her kids with them every year.

    Thanks for linking up with my comet love linky! You

  2. fredamans

    Definitely not a friend, certainly not a foe…
    and wine, oh my, that adds to my woes…
    but collard greens are such a treat…
    or even in a salad alongside meat…


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