Friday, May 24, 2013

What it’s Like to Be Pregnant with Triplets

Congratulations Pregnant with Triplets

People often ask me what it’s like to have be Pregnant with Triplets. Kind of a broad question.

Where to start?

From the beginning I guess.

Once there was a Man and a Woman.
The Woman became impregnated.

At 4 weeks pregnant, she received a positive pregnancy test.
In celebration, she planted her garden.

At 5.5 weeks pregnant, her pants wouldn’t fit anymore.
It was her first pregnancy, what did she know?

At 7 weeks, she went to her first midwife appointment.
Apparently, her pants should have fit. She scheduled an ultrasound.

At 7.5 weeks, her ultrasound showed three viable babies.
One Egg (three identicals) or Two Eggs (two identicals and one fraternal).

There were tears.
They weren’t of joy.

An excerpt from her journal reads:

A part of me feels cheated. I had all these plans; vaginal birth, midwife, no hospital, low risk pregnancy, cloth diapers, breast feeding, homemade food, serenity.

Instead, Specialists, mandatory C-section, risks, risks and more risks.

The medical community recommended reduction. Just another word for abortion.

There was conflict for three long weeks.
Wondering if she would ever be at peace with her decision.

Once 12 weeks had come and gone, the decision was made.
The triplet pregnancy was announced to Friends and Family.

Everyone was elated.
Including the Woman.

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12 thoughts on “What it’s Like to Be Pregnant with Triplets

  1. NenaS

    Wow, amazing! I can’t imagine having to look after 3 babies at once! I had kids less than a year apart and I thought that was a challenge! 🙂

  2. Rae T.

    You are such a natural and compelling storyteller, always getting right down to the heart of it (while making it seem effortless!). Your courage, candour and clarity of expression are so inspiring, dear Sarah. Thank you!

  3. Meg WW

    Our family friends have two kids under five and were planning to have one more kid when she found out she was actually having three more! Now she has five kids under five, I will never know how she does it. Those three boys are adorable miracle babies for sure!

    1. admin

      Dear Wanda,

      I was afraid to publish this post for fear that people would think that I didn’t love or want my kids. However, being pregnant with triplets is not for the faint of heart. I would not want to do it again.

      Thank you for reading my words as they were intended.

      Besos, Sarah


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