Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All-Inclusive Weekly Giveaway Linky up to May 28

Journeys of The Zoo Giveaway Logo

Does this logo look familiar?

Since June 2012, every Tuesday, I’ve been opening up my Facebook Wall for my peers to post their Canadian Friendly Giveaways.

I even post a link in my Giveaway section here.

That won’t change. What will is that I’m also going to be hosting a weekly…

Journeys of The Zoo Giveaway Linky!

From now on, every Tuesday, you are welcome to stop by my Facebook Page and come here to post your giveaways and/or enter some yourself.

The best part, EVERYONE IS INCLUDED. One linky for giveaways open to Canadians and another for those not open to Canadians. Please post end dates.

Link up and Good Luck!

The original linky has been removed. 

Visit the current Giveaway Linky to link up.

P.S. I’m currently working on a new fandangled logo. Have any ideas?

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