Monday, July 15, 2013

Looking cute in clothes from The Childrens Place

The Kids are really fortunate.

Both sides of their grandparents spoil them whenever they can.

While I try and keep their gift giving to a minimum (and fail miserably), there are definitely some items that they can use such as clothes!

Max wearing his Children's Place shorts Max and Artemis have many “uniforms” from the Children’s Place like these “piranha shorts” that Max wears on a daily basis. Okay, we have to pry them off him at night he loves them so much.

Artemis also has a bunch of adorable shorts, pants and t-shirts. What I’ve found (and it makes my life easier) is that you can wear the individual items as a set or mix-and-match.

Speaking of uniforms, while The Kids won’t be headed to school for a couple of years, it’s still fun to look nice and you can never be too dressed up (if you ask me).

Besos, The Zoo

148 thoughts on “Looking cute in clothes from The Childrens Place

  1. Alisha Hodges

    I like the little girl’s clothes best, because I have a girl, and it’s also very cute and feminine without being too feminine. It’s also very classy looking.

  2. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Wow, this is the best giveaway! I love TCP and have shopped here for years. Although my daughter has outgrown their stuff I love the little girls items. Just too cute! My son is very well dressed when he wears his TCP clothes and I have to say that their jammies are the best!


  3. Pam G.

    I love the girl’s outfit. It’s feminine without being too cutesy. I especially love the coat and the skirt. We love shopping at TCP! 🙂
    ~ Pamela Graham

  4. Maya

    I love the boy’s outfit. I have two boys and they only have clothes to play in. It’s nice to have dressier clothes for them for special occasions.

  5. Ehlara

    Honestly, I like Max’s piranha shorts the best! My daughter would love those, even if they’re “boy” shorts. She’d also really love that raincoat!

  6. KD

    I love the girl’s outfit, since the pink golf tee is so pretty (deep colour) and the flats are really cute!

  7. Stephanie Sherlock

    I love,the boys outfit because out of the 2 outfits shown it would look the best on my sons 😉 lol. For the record, I think the outfit on that cute little redhead is pretty awesome too! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    I love both since I have a girl and boy, really cant decide since they are both cute. will choose boys outfit since my girl has too many clothes already and i dont really have any for my boy.
    nicole precourt

  9. Alex Veno

    I think both sets of outfits are adorable. I have two boys and just had my little girl. She would look so cute with the pleated skirt and shoes. My boys would look really handsome dressed up as little lawyers.

  10. Nicole W

    The uniform for a little girl is my favourite! It is SO cute, and I love the jacket. This would be perfect for my friend's little girl 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. krystle s

    I like the boys set. its so easy to find cute girls stuff…when you have a boy its a lot harder…childrens place is awesome for cute boys stuff.

  12. Anonymous

    I love the boys outfit, since I have a boy and could really use it. Have to comment as anonymous..Theresa Hagarty Michalik

  13. Martha

    My little guy would like the boys' outfit. He likes to wear "work clothes" to school so he can look like his daddy. He adds a tie to ANY outfit (t-shirts included) when he wants to be the president.

  14. Ellen C.

    I absolutely love the skirt outfit. My daughter loves dressing up and this outfit is definitely her taste and would be perfect for school. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  15. Jean Holland

    Both of the outfits are very nice and a welcome relief from what we see some of our children wearing these days. You can tell I am a little old fashioned. The girls outfit is my favorite. Love the coat.

  16. Scarlett

    I have both boys and girls, so I like BOTH outfits, but if I have to choose one, I will chose the boy’s outfit. My boys really need some dressier clothes. 🙂

  17. LAMusing

    I like the girls outfit – the shoes are adorable and the coat is very stylish. The pop of pink with the top makes it fun and cheerful.

  18. Elena coupons

    I really love the girls’ outfit. The sweet little collar on the polo top; the pleats and bow on the skirt…but most of all, the lining on the (faux?) double-breasted coat. Perfect!

  19. Karen C. Hill

    I like the boy outfit – I love dressing my little guy up to look a bit “preppy”. I figure I might as well dress him in what I like on him while I can. It won’t be long before he probably won’t want to wear them 😉

  20. Michelle Thompson

    I adore both outfits and since i have both a son and a daughter , it makes it hard to choose one when i see them each looking great in those outfits! winning this with school coming would be such a huge help!


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