Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just for the record, Today is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday

I’ve posted about this before.

The fact that Tuesday is not Wednesday and that Yesterday was not Wednesday.

However, apparently a lot of people haven’t got the memo.

And seeing as I’m nice, patient and like to help people out, I thought that I would educate you once again on the days of the week. As far as I’m concerned it’s as important as having white teeth and non-scuffed shoes.

Yesterday was Tuesday.

If you find yourself scratching your head and/or thinking “That calendar looks like mine” or “I know it isn’t because I posted my Wordless Wednesday post YESTERDAY” then I’m talking to you.

Listen, I know it’s easy to get them confused. When I was in grade two, I nearly failed “Days of the Week 101”. I mean, one comes before the other, they both have “nes” in the middle and “day” at the end and they both are days of the week but… that’s where it ends.

I repeat Yesterday was Tuesday.

Feel free to repeat after me if you find that it helps you remember it. I’ll wait.

And, in case you’re forgotten what day it actually is…

Today is Wednesday.

All day.

For the next 24 hours.

And the great part about Wednesday is that it happens every.single.week. Rain or shine.

And for all you smart alec’s, I know, I know, technically, Wednesday comes around every 24 hours and like one second or something because of the leap year but in case you haven’t figured it out already, that is not the point of this post.

Trust me, some day you’ll thank me for driving it home.

Do You Know What Day It Is?

6 thoughts on “Just for the record, Today is Wednesday

  1. Shari G

    LOL The wordless Wednesday posts on Tuesday drives me completely bonkers!! Seriously glad I am not the only one it clearly bugs! Keep up the good work girlie!

    Thanks for linking with comment love!


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