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Personalized Baby Blankets are The Perfect Touch (Canadian Feature)

I Am Canadian Feature for September Sun 7 Designs

Journeys of The Zoo’s I Am Canadian Feature for September is…

Valery from Sun 7 Designs!

As much as I thought that there couldn’t be anything easier than retirement I was wrong; it’s been a difficult, stressful, confusing time that’s often left me feeling groundless. It’s also been a wonderful time of freedom and exploration.

The old adage by Lucille Ball; “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do” is so very true. I certainly got a lot more accomplished when I worked full time and had two kids to take care of. But… I’m getting better at planning my days and concentrating on doing the things that I love to do.

I do love the fact that I can work when I want to, schedule my own hours and even spend the day in my PJ’s. After 10 months I have created a great balance and I’m loving my life. A satisfying retirement is about change and adjustment. I like a certain routine and predictability but I have proven to myself that resisting change is silly – it is going to happen anyway.

Since retiring from the corporate world, the one thing that has become front and centre for me is my home-based business Sun 7 Designs, where I create custom designed personalized baby blankets. I love that this is my only main focus these days and I have joined many networking and small business groups and met some really great people.

A few years ago I came across “Minkee” fabric and fell in love with it. I got the idea to create blankets that would not only be soft and cuddly, but also have an heirloom quality. I knew that I could create something that would be unique by personalizing each blanket with baby’s name and a design that related to the baby or child. Not only are my blankets a keepsake, but also many mothers tell me that the softness of the Minkee fabric creates a sensory touch and caressing the blanket soothes the baby into falling asleep faster.

A baby blanket is such an important part of a little baby’s world. Few babies become toddlers without choosing a favorite blanket to cuddle with. They love to take their blankets with them everywhere, as it becomes a special friend long past baby years.

Why not be a part of the creative process; you choose the fabric colours, the design and add the option of personalization to help me create something unique for your little one. My signature baby blankets are just the right size to snuggle up with or carry around, and being handmade, no two blankets are exactly alike.

Connect with Sun 7 Designs Website | Facebook | Twitter

Picture of Valery from Sun 7 Designs After designing and sewing blankets for years, a friend suggested that Valery start selling her wares so she did!

All blankets are hand crafted by her, assuring top quality and unique creations. Orders are made as they come in allowing for flexibility. Most of her customers are repeat customers.

Located in Calgary, Alberta. Ships Worldwide.”

Thank You For Guest Posting Valery!

Please contact me if you are interested in being an “I Am Canadian” Feature.


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23 thoughts on “Personalized Baby Blankets are The Perfect Touch (Canadian Feature)

  1. Rene Beaubien

    She’s got such a lovely website too (love the ‘They’re Talking About Me’ page). With so many unique names out there these days, a business like this definitely has a place, and I was surprised to see how low the cost and shipping was. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I adore that photo of the baby sleeping on the little bed. The custom designed personalized baby blankets are really adorable. What a great idea.


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