Thursday, September 12, 2013

Royal Canin Cat Food Improves Cats Health #CatsAgingGracefully

Portrait of Aries the Cat
Aries the Cat is now in week two of the Royal Canin Cats Aging Gracefully Challenge. Given all the positive changes so far, it’s no wonder that Royal Canin is the leading cat food for mature cats.Last week, I wrote about her improved appetite and digestion so this week, I thought that I would focus on her appearance and energy levels.The documentation provided by Royal Canin suggested that this week there would be some visible changes such as; a shinier coat, less dandruff, and improved energy levels.

Aries appearance has definitely changed.

Around the time that the kids were born, Aries stopped cleaning herself. Her fur started to get matted and she wouldn’t let me brush her.

Bowl of Aries Cat Fur
Since starting this challenge, she’s let me cut out a bunch of her dreadlocks, her fur feels softer and her skin isn’t as dry. It’s even easier to tell now that I can actually see her skin.

Her backbone doesn’t feel as bony and I thought that maybe she’d put on some weight. Wishful thinking perhaps?

It turns out that since beginning her transition, she’s put on almost half a pound. I’m willing to bet that her diet is the reason for this positive change!

Royal Canin Aging Cat Food

Think of aging as an iceberg.

There are visible signs at the surface, but the majority of aging in cats happens under the surface.

These invisible signs start during mid-life and can result in serious diseases later in life.

Nutrition can help manage these threats to prolong the health of your cat.



Royal Canin also suggested to watch for invisible changes such as; better overall functioning of kidneys, heart, digestion and cognitive function. You will notice this if your cat looks more alert and healthier overall. The fact that Aries hasn’t vomited this week is a huge accomplishment considering it used to be an almost daily occurrence!

 As for the changes in Aries energy level…

Aries has never been an active cat. If a mouse ran a foot in front of her (and one has!) she wouldn’t move a muscle (and she didn’t!). But, she’s never been prescribed a cat food that was specifically designed for her advanced age. Will she take the bait?

Would Your Cat take the Bait?

P.S. Can you tell what I was doing while filming?

Click to read our final Royal Canin Cat Food post regarding our Conclusions of this Challenge.

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Note that Journeys of The Zoo received compensation and products that enabled us to participate in this campaign.

This is Part two of a three part challenge.

14 thoughts on “Royal Canin Cat Food Improves Cats Health #CatsAgingGracefully

  1. Rene Beaubien

    Love the video – the ‘are you kidding me, woman?’ look she gives you is priceless. Great to hear she is doing so well on the challenge. We all deserve to be looked after well in our old age!

  2. Jennifer Van Huss

    I miss having a cat! We unfortunately had to give up my cats when my second son came along. He has bad allergies and was having asthmatic reactions. Food is very important and should be selected carefully. I'm glad you found one so beneficial

  3. Jason

    She’s looking good! I have first hand experience what Royal Canin can do for an older cat. Our old girl lived, and lived well, to the ripe age of 21!


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