Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013 (with no Debacle)

There’s a Day for everything and at least one Holiday for every season. Add in the fact that everyone in the entire world has a birthday and that makes for a lot of events.

Speaking of events, remember last year how I wrote my Halloween post the night before and then there was that little problem with the Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012 so I had to totally rewrite it?Well, seeing as I already had Max’s Thomas the Train costume from Anytime Costumes and I knew it fit, I figured that lightening couldn’t strike twice. Right?WRONG. Actually, I do know a person that got struck by lightening twice and lived to tell about it but I’ll save that for another day.

Here are a few pictures of this years Halloween. Max went as Thomas the Train and Artemis went as a princess (again) in case you can’t tell.

Halloween 2013 Collage

Besos, The Zoo

233 thoughts on “Halloween 2013 (with no Debacle)

  1. Rene

    Big ol’ lame-o here. I would buy groceries. And not fancy groceries, either. Flyer-sale clearance groceries. And maybe a Starbucks 😉

  2. Rachel_Fred

    I would save or invest it so when I need for something it’s there! (The necessities are more important than buying something frivolous I believe.)

  3. Wendy Lindsey

    I’m going back to school in January (after 14 years!) and need a printer and a new tablet or laptop for class! 😀 Winning this fantastic giveaway would put a nice dent in that expense.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Gina

    I would use the money to purchase some groceries so that I can have my family here for Christmas brunch. Haven’t seen everyone in a while and would mean the world to me. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Pauline Milner

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would put the money toward my Christmas shopping list. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. Keep up the exceptional blogging.


    I would spend the money no Gifts for my 3 children, being a single mom any amount will help make it special

  7. Debra R

    If I were to win, I’d use it to purchase some Christmas presents and also buy some gifts for our local ‘Dream Mountain’ charity event.

  8. Rhonda Morrison

    I would use the money to have some fun on my upcoming trip with my husband. We have been saving a looooong time to go away.

  9. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    I’d be very torn between piling up medical bills and getting something really nice for my extraordinary, wonderful Honey/Hubby who has been a real saint! He has recently taken up woodworking as a hobby and he really loves it! It would mean so much to me to get him some nice tools – because aside from the noisy/macho power tools – he also really enjoys working with his hands and using all kinds of specialty tools for fine workmanship and detail. He’d be like a kid in a candy shop!

  10. Andrea Amy

    I would use it to get some Christmas groceries in the house 🙂 Turkey and all the fixings, things to do some baking with etc. I have 5 kids, they would LOVE it 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  11. deborah

    I’d give part to charity, part i’d use towards a gym membership perhaps. Mostly I’d love to be able to buy a gift or giftcard to help out my friend’s family. her dad’s in ICU and therefore out of work and I wish I could do something to make it easier for her and her sisters

  12. Lori

    I’ve just moved internationally, having to leave almost all my possessions abroad.
    I’d use this money to help my girls settle into their new country and have a decent Christmas.

  13. katie mitchell

    I would use it towards helping my mom fix her car, she needs ti rods and new brake lines and right now is unable to drive her car and this would help her a lot because she has lots of doctors appointments coming up and is on a fixed income and can;t afford to get it fixed.

  14. Hayley Y

    I would use the money on Christmas gifts for my kiddos! We have 5 kids – recently had twins so a gift like this would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Rachel Rueff

    I want a new ipod touch or ipad mini so need the money towards that. my old gen 3 is in need of a new battery so might as well trade up.

  16. AndreaD

    I would spend this money on a xmas gift for my sister!! She really needs a new cell phone because hers has almost completely broken down! Shes away at university so It would be nice to talk to her more often without her cell phone cutting out ever 5 minutes!

  17. Heather S.

    I would use it to pay for Christmas gifts. My family has never had much to give to each other and it would be nice to be able to get everyone something nice!

  18. Tate

    I’m going to purchase a premium theme for my blog and portfolio site so it’ll look more eye catching, and save the extra for emergency purposes

  19. Bonnie Way

    Ooooh boy, I’d have to decide… maybe Barenaked Lady concert tickets for me and hubs, or new rock climbing shoes, or a food processor, or a whole stack of books (wait a minute, I don’t read the ones I have!) or a night out somewhere… it’s just too exciting to think about! 🙂
    Bonnie Way recently posted…Kids Rain Gear by OakiwearMy Profile

  20. Peggy D

    I would put it toward a bill. I trying to become debt free and working on it slowly and this would help make it go quicker



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