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Penny Lane Organics Provides All-Natural Products for the Whole Family

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Once upon a time, there was a Mother who tried to minimize the chemicals in her Family’s life. On her wish list were all-natural, affordable products that were Made in Canada. The problem was that she had yet to find all three factors in one company. In turn, her kids sparingly used products that weren’t the best choice. It bothered The Mother but she felt helpless.

Fortunately, the family is now covered from head to toe in all-natural products from…

Penny Lane Organics!

If you’re new to Penny Lane Organics like us, it’s a Canadian business started by two sisters on their property in Ontario. Their story began when they chose a vegetarian and sustainable lifestyle for themselves and decided that since they wouldn’t put any chemicals into their bodies then they wouldn’t put them on it either.

All of their products they sell are natural, vegan/vegetarian and gluten free. While they are not certified organic, after seeing and using the products myself, I am more than pleased with the information they provide. Find out more in Their Statement.

“So natural you could eat it”

I’ve perspired since I was a baby and in turn need to use a deodorant and/or antiperspirant. I’m pretty sure that I’ve tried every single product on the market and half of them don’t work and the other ones make me smell like a flower factory.

Penny Lane Organics Northern Pine Deodorant

While I liked the idea of Penny Lane’s “Pink Grapefruit” scent, I was worried that I would want to eat it so I opted for the pleasing and subtle scent of Natural Pine. Even though it’s a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, it’s so dry that it wicks away moisture. The first few applications felt odd because I’m used to something “wetter” but I much prefer dry to my wet rock deodorants. Valuable care instructions and tips were provided but I ignored them and applied it right after shaving. I have done this every time ever since and have not had an allergic reaction.

Had I read the detailed instructions (smile), I would have realized that this product can go on wet or dry. Based upon Penny Lane’s feedback in the comments, it’s actually recommended that you do wet it frequently.

I compared the container to my existing (chemical based) deodorant and noticed that they were almost the same size. Interestingly, the competitor only contained 48g versus 120g in Penny Lane. However, neither company filled their containers full (Penny Lane’s was 2/3 full) so they could have used a smaller container. This would take up less space and weight in my purse and be less wasteful to the environment.

Fragrant yet Subtle Smell.

I am not a fan of commercial soaps because their fragrances irritate my sinuses and the ingredients dry out my skin. Even the glycerin based ones leave my skin feeling dry and stretched. In turn, after years of searching, I’ve found that the only soap that works is no soap at all. Just water and a face cloth for me at night.
Penny Lane Organics Natural Beauty bar

I decided to try the French Lavender soap and it did not dry out my skin at all! I have washed my face almost every night and it just feels like the surface dirt is being removed and not like my face is being striped of everything; including the good things. I’ve been using it on The Kids with the same results. I’ve decided that the bar is large enough that by cutting it in half, it’s easier to handle and will last longer. Great value for $6.00.

Next on my list were the Shampoo Products.

When washing my hair, I use a fair amount of shampoo. I have long hair and like a lot of lather. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a way to get a lot of bubbles with the Natural Shampoo Bar. I tried rubbing the soap in between my hands, or straight on my head and/or with lots of water. My hair came out looking and feeling clean but it didn’t last more than one day.

Note that Penny Lane pointed out in the comments that changing to an all-natural shampoo takes some time for your hair to get used to. I look forward to seeing how my hair reacts to the natural bar in the future. Here’s a link that provides more information about the differences between commercial and natural shampoos.

The great thing about this soap is that it’s safe on the environment and can be used every day. I really liked the Tea Tree Lemon scent and it’s got my bathroom smelling a bit sweeter which is a welcome thing because the cat litter box is in there… Seeing as we go camping every summer, it will definitely come in handy.

The Baby Shampoo and Body wash was voted “Best for Baby” by Eco Parent Magazine and given the ingredients, I don’t doubt it. However, I did not like the oily based feeling left on my hair or the kids. I did like it as a body wash and will use it as such.

All-natural, affordable and Made in Canada.

Two other products that I received were the Rough Skin Soothing Balm and the 100% Natural Total Sun-care Lotion. I look forward to trying out these products in one week while in Mexico.

Penny Lane Organics Product Line

In total, I received 7 items for just under $50. Based upon what I’ve seen over the years, I think that it an incredible price especially considering all of the ingredients were naturally sourced and Made in Canada. I am very pleased with the products that worked for us and will continue to purchase them.

Penny Lane Organics was just what our family was looking for.

Connect with Penny Lane Organics Website | Facebook | Twitter

Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

Besos, The Zoo

174 thoughts on “Penny Lane Organics Provides All-Natural Products for the Whole Family

  1. Rene

    I would start with Coconut lip balm and Total Sun Care products – love that these come with carabiner – brilliant! As you say, $50 goes a long way so I’d have to come up with other products too!

    And I just have to ask….you keep your deodorant in your purse?!?

  2. MultiTestingMom

    What a wonderfully detailed and honest review! I am a huge fan of Penny Lane Organics as well. I love their scents, especially! I also love that because there are no chemicals, my skin feels more moisturized, including my hair. I suspect that is why you were feeling a bit of “residue” after using some of the products.
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  3. Bo Penny

    Thank you for the review 🙂 We’re really glad that you like our natural deodorant and Pink Grapefruit (our best seller) smells divinely so maybe you will give it a try next time 🙂
    Our deodorant can be used as is (dry) but it can also be used wet since it glides easier and stays “moisturized”. This is important since deodorant will last a long time and wetting it occasionally (or even daily as I do) will make sure deodorant never dries out and never becomes crumbly.
    You mentioned that our containers are 2/3 full (but they hold 120 g of product) and that using a smaller container would be more environmentally friendly. The containers we’re using are the most environmentally friendly and we wouldn’t be able to fit 120 g of product in a smaller container. This is because of the design of the container itself – it has a mechanism on the bottom (bottom 1/3) that pushes the product up. Similar deodorants in a same size container as you mentioned hold 48 g because their containers are designed so that the mechanism takes more than ½ of the container. This is of course deceiving to consumers since they think they’re buying a large deodorant while they’re getting a stick that’s more than ½ empty.
    Best regards – Bo Penny

    1. admin

      Dear Penny Lane,

      Thank you for the clarification. I have reworded the part about the “valuable care instructions and tips” that I should have read in more detail. Regardless, I was happy breaking all the rules (smile) but want to get the most out of my deodorant. Love it!

      Besos, Sarah

      1. MultiTestingMom

        I just want to add in here that I LOVE their deodorant too! I am a SWEATY individual like you, Sarah and I have been searching for YEARS for a natural product that actually works on me and I have finally found it! I have the lavender one and LOVE it!!! It lasts a LONG time too – I have been using mine since the end of the summer and it is still going strong, nowhere near done. I wet mine about once a week and you really don’t need to use too much either for it to be effective.
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  4. Bo Penny

    In regards to your experience with our natural shampoo (both for adults and baby shampoo, as well as shampoo bars) I’d like to point out that natural and commercial shampoos are TOTALLY two different things and it takes some time to make a switch and get used to an all natural shampoo.

    Natural shampoos don’t contain SLS, detergents and a range of toxic synthetic ingredients that affect not only the hair but also the body as they are absorbed through the skin. Those toxic chemicals also affect our environment, especially the aquatic life since all those soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body washes that we use daily end up in our waterways endangering fish, crustaceans and plant life.
    SLS, detergents and chemicals contained in commercial shampoos give the hair that “squeaky clean feel” but strip it of all natural oils that are crucial to healthy looking hair and scalp. As a result anyone using commercial shampoo has to use a conditioner as well.
    When using an all natural shampoo (like Penny lane Organics) for the first time you will notice a big difference. The first tied I tried it I thought my hair wasn’t clean at all. For most people it might take few (or more) washes for the hair to get “used to” it, but those that decide to stick with it never go back to commercial shampoo again. Here’s a link that provides more information about the differences between commercial and natural shampoos.

    1. admin

      Dear Penny Lane,

      Thank you for the informative link, I have added it to my post. I look forward to seeing how my hair reacts to the natural bar in the future.

      Besos, Sarah

    1. Bo Penny

      Hi Debbie, we have many fragrance free/unscented products – bar soap, body wash, foam soap, baby soap and baby shampoo, baby lotion and diaper rash creams, lip balms, etc. Only two of our facial creams /lotions have essential oils in them (Hand and Body lotion – scented with Orange essential oil; and our Helychrysum antiwrinkle serum). All other cosmetic products we make are totally unscented – from facial cleanser, to moisturizer, makeup remover, day cream, night cream, antiwrinkle serums (Plantain, Calendula), etc. We also offer Hand and Body lotion in unscented version.

      You may find that many of fragrance free products still have some scent which comes from the oils used in the product. For example hemp seed oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil all have very distinct earthy scent and depending on how much of these oils are in the particular cream you might be able to detect some smell, but in most products there would be no detectable smell at all.

      1. Monica Eggleton

        I love the fact products are unscented. Too many scents cause skin irritation, or cause my nose to run. Scents also clash with the smells of life; a good food, fresh air, pine trees, and peppermint !…just to name a few.

  5. Deb

    100% Natural Hand & Body Foaming Soap – Pink Grapefruit
    100% Natural Hand & Body Foaming Soap – Orange Blossom
    100% Natural Hand & Body Foaming Soap – French Lavender
    Bengal Spice Beauty Bar (VEGAN)

  6. Natalie

    I would probably buy the baby products, as well as the pet shampoo. I have never tried any of there products so it is exciting to hear about them! Thanks for sharing this review

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’d get the following: Natural Smooth & Silky Shaving Soap $10
    French Lavender – 100% Natural Luxurious Body Wash $8
    French Lavender Shampoo with Conditioner $15
    Rough Skin Soothing Balm $15
    Natural Soap Saver $2
    and because that was such a good deal I’d splash out and also buy 🙂
    Patchouli Sandalwood (VEGAN) $6

  8. Sandy Klocinski

    Two Hearts (Large) Vegan Bath Soap
    Mango – 100% Natural Lip Balm – With Carabiner
    Total Sun Care Lotion on a Carabiner
    Extreme DOOD Cream – Facial Protection for Guys
    100% Natural Lavender Mist – Small
    Rosemary Essential Oil 30 ml

  9. Jeanine

    I’d get the French Lavender – 100% Natural Luxurious Body Wash, Eucalyptus Orange – Natural Liquid Soap, and the
    Rosemary Mint – Natural Liquid Soap

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  11. Mary VanTil

    I would love to try Rose Oto Essential Oil, but I would buy a couple bottles of Natural Facial Cleanser for me & my duaghter. Thanks for the chance Happy Holidays to all & Good Luck!!

  12. anna key

    I would purchase: Natural Hand and Body lotion – Orange Blossom, Natural Facial Moisturizer and the Natural Facial Toner

  13. Jo

    Natural Deodorants, Natural Bar Soaps, Himalayan Eucalyptus Salt, Tea Tree Australian Essential Oil , Cold Pressed Castor Oil

  14. Wendy Lange

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would buy one of each lip balms and the chicks and two heart vegan soaps ~ they’re cute!
    FB: Alexia Harvours

  15. Amanda

    I will definitely try the deodorant because like you I sweat and all the other natural stuff doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s almost better for me to go without, which I do on the weekends when I’m just at home. You gave such a good review that I’ll head over to Penny Lane right away. Thank you!

  16. Elizabeth Calligan

    I would buy a number of Penny Lane’s products. First of all,i would buy the Penny Lane shaving cream,the lavender soap liquid,and the perfume free shampoo and conditioner for hair.

  17. 409cope

    I would buy the
    Lavender- 100% Natural Bath Salt (VEGAN)
    100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Gloss – BRONZE
    Tahitian Vanilla – 100% Natural Lip Balm With Carabiner

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  19. danielle t

    Arnica Skin Serum. for my husband. his job can be hard on the body at times
    Sleep Easy – 100% Natural Herbal Mist also for my husband, he has a hard falling and staying asleep.
    100% Natural Diaper Rash Cream – Overnight this is for the baby on the way.

  20. Angela Mitchell

    I would love some Baby products like the 100% Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, 100% Natural Baby Lotion , and Natural Baby Soap.

  21. kristen visser

    Natural Smooth & Silky Shaving Soap, 100% Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, French Lavender – 100% Natural Luxurious Body Wash, Cool Cucumber Natural Liquid Soap, Hemp Based – 100% Natural Lip Balm

  22. Deborah O'Connor

    I would love to try the lavender shampoo and conditioner, also the body lotion, I try to use all organic and all natural products whenever I can!

  23. Candice Taylor

    If I won the giftcard, I would stock up on Tea Tree Lemon Shampoo Bar, It’s one of my favorite scents. I would also pick up some Rough Skin Soothing Balm. Winters in Northern Ontario can get very cold and drying!

    Good luck everyone!

  24. eleanor

    I would get the 100% Natural Diaper Rash Cream – Light, 100% Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – SCENT FREE, and SCENT -FREE Shampoo with conditioner .

  25. Kim H

    I would buy Pink Grapefruit deo, Tropical – Solid Shampoo Bar, French Lavender Shampoo with Conditioner, and 100% Natural Shampoo Bar for Pets.

  26. Viv Sluys

    I would spend the $50 on French Lavender – 100% Natural Luxurious Body Wash (1 litre)
    and 100% Natural Shampoo Bar for Pets and Cool Cucumber Natural Liquid Soap (1 litre)

  27. Karen Evans

    I would buy the Pet Shampoo and lots of it. All the different “Dog Shampoo” I have been buying give my poor pouchy a rash and she scratches . And probably some Body Wash for myself! 🙂

  28. Monica Eggleton

    I have never heard about Penny Lane Organics. Totally like the idea. I can try lots of products if I win this prize. Hope however gets this shares their experience with the products.
    Top two products I will purchase soon; the pet shampoo, and the scent free shampoo with conditioner..

  29. krystyl olson

    I’d buy natural deodorant for myself and my whole little family … I hate using antiperspirant, and natural deodorant is impossible to find locally – thanks for pointing me in the right direction! now I know where to go !

  30. katy emanuel

    If I won I would get the scent free vegan deodorant, himalayan eucalyptus salt, rough skin soothing balm, & natural eye cream.

  31. Suzanne

    I love the Penny Lane Organics deodorant. I am currently enjoying the Lavendar and would get some more, but based on the comments I might have to try the Grapefruit one too!
    Also some Anti-Wrinkle 100% Natural Day Cream and Night Cream.
    And some Rough Skin Balm, the first hand cream to soothe the cracks I get on my hands in winter.
    And I am intrigued by the new Restorative Helychrisum Serum, I would love to try it…

  32. Tara Gauthier

    I would like some pink grapefruit deodorant, Himalayan eucalyptus bath salt, some Halloween and kids soaps and peppermint foot scrub.

  33. Maggie Golden

    It would be my first time trying any Penny Lane products, and the Rough Skin Balm and Sleep Easy Mist would be the first two I’d go for!

  34. Elva Roberts

    I would choose three items: Natural Burgundy lip gloss, Natural Sun-care Lotion and Hemp Oil Diaper Rash cream.

  35. val

    I’d get the following: Natural Smooth & Silky Shaving Soap $10
    French Lavender – 100% Natural Luxurious Body Wash $8
    French Lavender Shampoo with Conditioner $15
    Rough Skin Soothing Balm $15
    Natural Soap Saver $2

  36. Ariel Chiu

    i would get:
    French Lavender – 100% Natural Luxurious Body Wash $8
    French Lavender Shampoo with Conditioner

  37. Melissa M

    so many products look great! i would get a watermelon lip balm for me and one for my daughter, moisturizing cream, sun care lotion, thats just to start!

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  39. Darlene w

    This product line with its all natural products would be perfect for my daughter. The fewer chemicals in the product the more she likes it


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