Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 01/14

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In case you didn’t hear, we arrived safely in Mexico, attended 104 parties already (note that I may be exaggerating a bit) and just today celebrated the “Dia de Reyes”.

Never a dull moment at The Zoo.

Given the current weather conditions in Canada, I hope that you have managing to stay warm and safe and that you had a Happy Holidays and New Year.

Speaking of warm and happy, who would like to win an electric blanket?

No, I don’t have one to give away but if I did, it would be listed below.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Each Tuesday, my Friends post their giveaways so that you can enter to win.

The Catch?

You have to enter to win!

Journeys of The Zoo Weekly Giveaway Linky!

Note that there are two linkies. One where giveaways are open to Canada and one that is exclusively for Americans.

Remember. You can also enter all your giveaways on our Open Facebook Giveaway Wall for DOUBLE THE EXPOSURE!

Good Luck!


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