Friday, March 7, 2014

How Many Calories in a Fried Grasshopper?

Do you recall that episode of Survivor (or one of those survivor-like shows) where people had to eat caviar in order to win a challenge for their tribe? The two unwilling representatives from each tribe were dry heaving at the thought of fish eggs touching their lips.


At the time, I remember willing the television screen to suck me into the show. That I would have offered everyone there a piece of my prize if they gave me the whole bowl to eat in peace. The only catch, I needed a spoon.

Caviar is my favourite food.

Not my top three or one that I really like, it’s my #1 favourite food. I’ve also eaten raw oysters, ceviche (raw seafood and/or beef), and live larvae without hesitation. And a few flies and mosquitos but they don’t really count because they weren’t on purpose.

To make a long story short, if the average Mexican or yours truly had been on the show, we would have won. You see, party platters around here often contain fried ants and…

Fried Grasshoppers Mexico

Fried Grasshoppers!

Best served with a squeeze of lime and a splash of hot sauce. The texture is crunchy with a taste similar to that of a spicy nut. Don’t knock it until you try it but if you must, please make sure that I’m around.

Ever Eaten Fried Grasshoppers or Anything That Moves?

Note that fried ants and grasshoppers are a traditional snack in the state of Oaxaca. As common as guacamole. However, as disposable incomes increase in Chiapas, they are becoming more common in San Cristobal. For $2, someone will come right to you, prepare them as you like and leave you with a small bag of savoury goodness. And if you’re watching your weight, does anyone know how many calories there are in grasshoppers?

22 thoughts on “How Many Calories in a Fried Grasshopper?

  1. Rene

    Does the lime not make them soggy? I am intrigued but I don’t think it’s a diet food…I mean, it’s fried! I’ve had frog legs – about as close as it gets over here. (although not a regular Tuesday night dinner or anything)

  2. Soozle

    :/ eeeeee, very much something I have NEVER thought of and probably never need to worry about haha 🙂

  3. Kristen D.

    I know this is perfectly fine and probably even good for you, but I think i’d need a few margaritas before I tried them…

  4. Elva Roberts

    I don’t think I will have to worry about the calorie count of Fried Grasshoppers. Even if a gun was pointed at me, I think i would possibly say ‘shoot!; than eat them. Sorry!

  5. Pam Dillon

    OMG! Crunchy on the outside, but what about the inside?? This is so funny. : D I’ve been looking for recipes to go with lime. PERFECT! (Who knew grasshoppers go with lime??)

    1. admin

      Dear Pam,

      In Mexico, everything (and I mean everything) goes with lime; chips, mayonnaise, mustard, fish, salsa, guacamole, water, meat, the list goes on. As for the inside, crunchy like the outside. Glad that I could help out.

      Besos, Sarah

  6. Susan T.

    I eat a lot of things but insects are not one of them! Lol! I’m sure they are delicious but I’ll pass.

  7. Amy Lovell

    Ive tried snails . they were kinda chewy like gum, not really my thing. Ide def love to try grasshoppers tho!

  8. Debbie S.

    Yikes! No I haven’t ate ants, grasshoppers, frog legs, nope. I struggle to cut up a chicken (yeah city girl here, I’d probably make a very poor farmer). I should really be a total vegetarian, but I do like meat that is well done.
    However we were camping out by the Rocky Mountains one hot summer, and the grasshoppers were worse than the mosquitos. We had adopted a cat, beautiful cat she was, and we kept her harnessed and on a leash, as we didn’t trust her to stick around. She was feasting uncontrollably on grasshoppers. Yes they sounded very crunchy as she chewed them. But it was later that night in our rv when maybe some of them decided they weren’t happy in her tummy and well she regurgitated them. (Sorry, but it was so disgustingly wrong cleaning up that mess.)
    I love chocolate and salads, and all kinds of fruit, peanut butter is a favorite of mine.


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