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Does Being Late Bother You?

Phantom Dentist LogoYou’re invited to a party. The invitation says 6:30pm. At exactly 6:26pm, you pull into the driveway or you dial the hosts to let them know that you’ll be a bit late. No more than 10 or 15 minutes.

If that sounds about right than you don’t live in Mexico.

Around here, people are late. Really late. The saying goes that they’re even late for their own funeral. It’s a saying, not a joke.

Like the time that our friends came trick or treating with their kids on November 2. Yes, all dressed up in costume complete with trick or treating bags. They got tamales. That’s what we had. Needless to say, they didn’t come back the next year. On any day.

And then there was the story of the phantom dentist…

On a Monday, Artemis’ teacher, who turns out to be called Sandra (nothing like finding out your kids teachers name after three months), told me that the dentist would be coming on Tuesday and did I give my approval for Artemis to have a fluoride treatment?


First of all, Ed was out of the country. Second of all, I have no idea if a four year old should have a fluoride treatment and thirdly, there’s always a risk of things getting lost in translation. But, time was of the essence because the dentist was coming the next day. So, I provided my approval.

Immediately thereafter, I anxiously contacted a friend in Canada to see if Artemis should in fact have the treatment in question. I went online and showed Artemis pictures of people getting their teeth cleaned and as luck would have it, my friend even sent some pictures of her daughter getting her teeth cleaned. Nothing like giving me 12 short hours to prepare for such a monumental event.

And that was that.

Only that wasn’t that because the dentist didn’t show up. Not that Tuesday or the next Tuesday or even the next Tuesday. We waited for six weeks and then eventually had to leave the country.

I can’t tell you that I was surprised. At all. Even a little bit.

After ten years, I just laugh and shake my head.

Does Being Late Bother You?

29 thoughts on “Does Being Late Bother You?

  1. Rene

    That. Is. Awesome.
    And it would drive me crazy!! Spending much of my youth on a ferry-only-accessible island meant that if i was 1 minute late, I was an hour and a half late. Therefore I am always early…sometimes a bit too early which might offend the sensibilities of those who spent the winter in Mexico. 😉

  2. Soozle

    Haha 🙂 How bizarre!

    That is SO true though.. I am perpetually on time, or early, so when I am in Mexico is does drive me a little crazy that people are ALWAYS late 🙂 It does teach me a little to slow down or not worry so much about being on time

  3. Peady

    Yes. It really bothers me, but I can understand that sometimes life gets in the way of punctuality.

    Perpetual lateness drives me crazy, but again, it depends on the situation. If it’s my BFF, I know already.. and she knows already, so we laugh it off.

    I especially dislike being late for appointments that are scheduled with professionals and I make it a point to be on time – no matter what. This causes a lot of stress. I was early for my first ever Well Baby checkup when Thing 1 was 5 days old. Crazy! 😉

    Also, I am pretty good at prioritizing what is “immediate” or “urgent” and very few things fall into both categories, so you do, sometimes, just have to go with the flow. Sometimes that means a parent finishing a good hot cup of coffee takes precedence over making the bus. 😀
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  4. Brandee

    This one made me laugh!!! One thing I could NEVER get used to in Mexico. We had people show up to my son’s birthday party 8 hours late!!! And I was the only one who was bothered by it!!!

  5. Mary

    So frustrating!

    It seems like the hotter the country, the slower things move. When I was in Costa Rica, I was told by a local that it is referred to as “Tico Time”.

  6. Debbie S.

    No, being late doesn’t bother me for most things. I would be on time for a dinner at my parents for sure. Spending so much time at medical appointments for my son, I’ve grown wary of being in waiting rooms too much of our day. I will for the most part be pretty much on time but NEVER early that is for sure!

  7. Ali P

    It depends on what it is. I tend to have a lot of patience for people who are late because I’m usually running behind. lol

  8. Karen E. Hill

    This is one of my pet peeves. Whether its a Dr or lawyer or Indian chief my time is just as valuable as theirs.

  9. Debbie W

    I drives me nuts when people cannot be on time. I am the type of person that is at my destination 15 minutes ahead of time.

  10. Amy Lovell

    Haha this is so ME! I am ALWAYS late! But I don’t mean to be, I try really hard to be early or on time, but somehow I always forget something, and need to go back,

  11. Yuen C

    Yes it bothers me because I make an effort to be on time while there is always 1 or 2 people who take their time.

  12. Elva Roberts

    Yes; being late bothers me very much. I think being late is being rude if someone is expecting you and, if you are visiting a professional, you are cutting into someone else’s time. I think it is just good manners to be on time if possible.

  13. Suzanne Rudge

    Being late actually does bother me, a lot, but that is what we are known for in this family. I tell my kids every morning that being late is a sign of rudeness and disrespect, but nothing seems to motivate them. We have family members tell us the time for an event at least a half hour earlier because they know we will be late. Pretty sad, huh?
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    My one sister is late for absolutely everything! We have gotten to the point where we tell her the function starts an hour early just so she will only be a few moments late

  15. corrine

    yes it does bother me I don’t like being late i like to be punctual for everything i also feel when im late for a party i am being rude i also find when i am late for things it screws up my whole day especially when i have many errands to do that day

  16. Elaine Buonsante

    I love your blog on Being Late. My husband is Italian and we always tease him about running on Italian time.


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