Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Grandparents Love Knows No Bounds

grandparents logoBesides being supportive and chock full of unconditional love, Grandparents love to spoil their grand kids. If that means breaking every rule possible, so be it. If Nanna hadn’t told me herself that it was “pay back time”, I might have thought that the rule breaking was unintentional. You know, a side effect of them being old and all.

It could be Seniors Day at Shoppers Drug Mart but that won’t deter them from the task at hand; contact the parents regularly throughout the day to optimize the chances of getting 3.2 seconds of undivided attention with a four year old on the phone. Their love knows no bounds.

I’m pretty sure that there’s an “In-law Counterattack App” that allows all four grandparents to stagger their communications such that it maximizes their quality time and ensures that the parent is not able to forget what the Grandparents really want…


The funny thing is that even though I have a cell phone, DSLR, point and shoot and tablet all at my finger tips, I find it difficult to remember and/or take pictures. I also find it difficult to eat, bathe and go for washroom breaks so I guess it’s not too surprising.

And when I do find the time to take a picture, I take 3,412 of them. Half of them have The Kids eyes closed or are of the back of their head. No matter, the Grandparents want of them. The best part, they print out of them. Unfortunately, all of their friends think that The Kids only have one set of clothing. I’m probably the only one that cares.

So, in celebration of all things Grandparents, here is the week in review shown in pictures…

Max's Train Track Creations1

Max's Train Track Creations2

Aren’t Max’s train track creations lovely. I knew you’d think that.

How Do Your Grandparents Show Their Love?

16 thoughts on “A Grandparents Love Knows No Bounds

  1. Rene

    My MIL joined Facebook just so she could see the photos I post. I should try to do more, as family is so far away, but you are so right – the time just escapes me too!

  2. Amanda @ The Mommy Mix

    Even though my parents see my kids every weekend I used to send them every picture I took but I just realized the other day I haven’t done that in a very long time. I’m thinking of maybe giving my mom a USB of the cutest photos that I’ve ‘forgotten’ to send and maybe a digital frame to go with it for mothers day and my 6 year old can help pick them out.
    Amanda @ The Mommy Mix recently posted…I Think It May Be Time To Start Shopping Without My ToddlerMy Profile

  3. Kirsten

    We been blessed by our parents. My mom lives 10 minutes away and is a huge part of the kids lives. She will pick them up for “Nan Days” and take thm off on a special outing or for a sleepover. She babysits for us on a pretty regular basis (yeah for free babysitting!). The kids love her. My father inlaw is right up stairs and will babysit on as neeeded basis and the kids love having Opa close by. My father lives in Edmonton and we are in Ontario. He tries to visit atleast once a year. We do phone calls and Facetime when he’s isn’t bus working.
    Yeah for grandparents!

  4. Kerri Hale

    This is so cute! You have lovely grandchildren. I do the same thing taking a million pictures all at once. Most of the time I forget to delete the ones with the eyes closed. 🙂

  5. Peady

    I feel the need to print off more photos.

    It’s just not the same to receive digital pics. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I’ll send some this week.

    Peady Post, of course. 😉
    Peady recently posted…Yay! I get a taco!My Profile

  6. Elva Roberts

    I am a grandparent and I show my love by always smiling at them and telling them how great they are, Lots and Lots of hugs,; baking homemade chocolate chip cookies and muffins by the dozens, little gifts ans bubble sessions.

  7. Karen E. Hill

    My grandparent were the best you could have but my parents fall far short of the grandparents love knows no bounds category.

  8. Cheryl Grandy

    It’s wonderful when children can have a close relationship with their grandparents. I know of a family who doesn’t have grandparents nearby so they “adopted” grandparents – both the child and the chosen grandparents, as well as the parents, have received many joys from the relationship.

  9. Debbie S.

    LOL! I love spoiling my grandson! He is the apple of my eye! He brings back fun and playtime and innocence. The neighbours I’m sure would look at me strangely if they seen me alone drawing the dog’s silhouette with chalk on the sidewalk (she’s such a great gentle dog, she just lays there), you kind of got to have a kid with you to do that)!
    I miss him when he’s not around, school has become a major part of his daily regime now, so way less gramma time! It was tough too, we spent a lot of time together and I went through that empty nest syndrome all over again.

  10. HEIDI C.

    My grandparents are gone as is my dad but my mom is great at Skyping with my kids, sending them cards “just because” and reading to them over the phone. My hubby’s parents call a lot as well.

  11. Amy Lovell

    Different ways for different grandparents. Muy mum likes to spend time with her helping her with different learning activites, whereas her daddys mum likes to buy toys for her and than play with them with her”

  12. Christy Martin

    It is so true about them printing every single picture! “This one, is my grand daughter’s leg.” My sister in law is all organic, no candy, no extra sugar, no chocolate. They got in trouble having served them “grocery store” cupcakes each night for dessert. Whatever they ate over the course of the weekend they stayed with the grand parents – probably was equal to a years worth of “junk” at home.

  13. Laurie P

    Because of my grandparents, I have my entire childhood, all events, birthdays, and even the “just stand by that flower” and the “just stand next to that famous persons truck even if you don’t know who we’re talking about” photos, all neatly organized, by year/age in a couple boxes. Only a grandparent could do that.

  14. Darlene W

    We wait with anticipation for our grandchildren to come over and then when they do I have the biggest smile and give them lots of hugs and kisses, the only thing better then being a parent is being a grandparent


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