Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 05/13

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This week, has been full of sunshine. Not literally but figuratively.

I was nominated for a Walmart Canada Mom of The Year Award by a Friend and Fellow Blogging Peer, Sandi from Canadian Blog House. The best part about being in the running for this award (and it’s definitely NOT the voting portion) is that if we win, our charity a local foodbank House of Lazarus wins too! I’ll let you know if and when the voting begins.

Then, I shared our Mexican laundry room update and showed how a product like Sunligh laundry detergent and the colour yellow can transform and inspire.

Posterjack created five different styles to help you pick out the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Nanna’s a definite #5 but she’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what we got her.

As for giveaways, we have three running right now with tons more in the works.

1. Snacking just took on a whole new meaning with this FPC giveaway for Protinis Snacks from Maple Leaf Foods. This giveaway for 5 FPCs will go a long way in seeing which of the 8 flavours and combinations are your favourite. Your body, pocketbook and even the kids will thank you.

2. If you have kids then you know how quickly they wear out clothes. Dress them in the latest fashions without breaking the bank with this $50 gift certificate to I Spy Clothing.

3. I’ve started up my monthly COUPON EXTRAVAGANZA GIVEAWAY and this one includes over $125 in Coupons including brands such as; Dempsters, Melitta, Royale, Aspirin, Irish Spring, Speed Stick, Carnation, Astro, Cracker Barrell, Kelloggs plus an FPC!

4. The WINNERS of the iPhone Case and McCain Foods Deep’N Delicious FPC were announced.

And what you’ve all been patiently waiting for…

Journeys of The Zoo Weekly Giveaway Linky!

Note that there are two linkies. One where giveaways are open to Canada and one that is exclusively for Americans.


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