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WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 05/27

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On Friday afternoon, Uncle Andrew and Uncle Kevin, herein referred to as “The Boys” showed up for the fourth annual May 2-4 Work Weekend*. Unlike the first year, this was no surprise

It rained all day Saturday but it gave The Boys a chance to get some inside chores done such as repairing two cut rafters and removing the “creative” shower in the basement** I had to turn the heat back on last night as it was only 15 degrees celcius (60 degrees farenhuit) in the house.

For the fourth year in a row, we went to an auction sale run by a local auctioneer. Artemis was so tired that she went to sleep under a hay wagon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera but I sure was proud that she’s as comfortable at sales as I was as a child. Max spent every.single.moment talking about, riding on or looking at tractors. Seeing as it was a farm sale, there were a lot of those.

We ate like Kings and Queens thanks to Dempster’s Tortillas, Wholly Guacamole (Giveaway coming soon) and Uncle Mike. You see, our neighbours were away for the weekend and we were in charge of looking after their chickens, ducks and turkeys. All of whom lay eggs (in case you didn’t do so well in biology class).

1. We posted about our labelling whoes and how Oliver’s Labels came to the rescue. We also posted a giveaway for almost $60 for you to WIN!

2. Since Artemis is so scared of the dark, I decided to get her a KinderGlo night light and it’s been a huge success. You can enter to win one for yourself.

3. Snacking just took on a whole new meaning with this FPC giveaway for Protinis Snacks from Maple Leaf Foods. This giveaway for 5 FPCs will go a long way in seeing which of the 8 flavours and combinations are your favourite. Your body, pocketbook and even the kids will thank you.

4. Watch for our announcement in the $50 gift certificate to I Spy Clothing giveaway.

* For those of you not in Canada, we call it the May 24th weekend even though it may not actually fall on that weekend (like this year). Personally, I think that Canadians just love any excuse to relate things to beer. Note that a 2-4 is what we call a case of beer.

** All of these defects were existing when we purchased the house… six years ago.

And what you’ve all been patiently waiting for…

Journeys of The Zoo Weekly Giveaway Linky!

Note that there are two linkies. One where giveaways are open to Canada and one that is exclusively for Americans.


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