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Mother’s Day Craft for Kids – Flower Bouquet

Mothers Day Flower Bouquet Craft for Kids

Mother’s Day is a time to show your love for that special person(s) in your life. The one that kisses your boo-boos, tucks you in at night and then comes back in after you’ve fallen asleep because she missed a spot on your nose. The one that you can never repay for their unconditional love but once a year, you try your best anyways.

Mother’s Day should be every day of the year.

Well, not just Mothers but for everyone that deserves to be recognized and that’s a lot of people. And, if every day isn’t possible then at least every Sunday because Sundays around here are the best. Each and every Sunday, I wake up to The Kids and Ed making pancakes and then we spend the day outside or inside as a Family. So this Mother’s Day will be no different than every Sunday. And that’s just fine by me.

However, I understand that Mother’s Day isn’t every day and neither are Sundays as a Family. So, instead I offer up this kids craft, once again created by the extremely talented Cathy of Cathy Thinking Out Loud and hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

Mother’s Day Craft for Kids – Flower Bouquet

You will need the following items to make this craft; scissors, hole punch, glue, stapler, scrap cardboard, marker, pencil crayons/crayons, pipe cleaners, white paper.

  1. Print and cut out the template,
  2. Trace the templates onto cardboard and cut them out,
  3. Colour the templates, punch holes and install the pipe cleaners,
  4. Colour the paper and glue it around the toilet paper roll,
  5. Cut slits in one end of the roll, splay the ends out, staple them to the round base,
  6. Put the flowers in the vase and proudly display them.

kids craft spring flowers supplies-600

I made the mistake of trying to prepare the craft while The Kids were waiting. Next time, I will make it before hand. Max wasn’t as impressed with this craft because it involved too much colouring and at the end, he couldn’t play with it. However, he insisted that I make him a bee (or two, as well as a ladybug) so that’s how that came about.

Artemis on the otherhand has been carrying around her flowers for days. The best part is that she wanted to water the flowers. It took a lot of convincing by Max and I to convince her that they didn’t need water.

Mothers Day Flower Bouquet Craft for Kids Final

How Will You Spend Mother’s Day?

*Anyone know where this saying came from?

19 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Craft for Kids – Flower Bouquet

  1. Debbie S.

    Not sure yet how we will spend Mother’s Day. We usually go out to the greenhouses, but it’s just too cold yet this year!
    This is so sweet Cathy, pinning and hope to get a chance to help my grandson with this for his Mom!

  2. Rene

    What is Mother’s Day? 😉 I can’t even remember my kids’ birthdays, so don’t give me another holiday to put on the list. I do, however, like the craft idea and we have all the supplies. Thanks!!

  3. Ali P

    Not sure what we’re going to do. Depends on the weather! My kids would love to make that craft. Right up their alley!

  4. Elva Roberts

    I love your craft idea. I will spend Mother’s Day quietly with my husband and my adult children, on this Island, will visit and we will have a very good day.

  5. Kerri Hale

    Really cute idea, Sarah! I’ll be spending my Mother’s Day on the couch this year unfortunately. I sprained a knee ligament and they put me on crutches for a week. I’m sure I’ll be getting waited on hand and foot though from my munchkins. 🙂
    Kerri Hale recently posted…Mother’s Day KitchenAid GiveawayMy Profile

  6. Peady

    I love little crafts like these!

    My Things used to love making these when they were teeny. Now they are so big that I get handmade jewelry and cartoons on cards. Or poems and stars!

    My Mother’s Day was lovely. We went outside and spent a LOT of time watching Terns diving for fish in the bedford Basin. I was in my glory! 😀

    I hope *your* Mother’s Day was a happy one!

    P.S. Even as kiddos get older, there’s always a use for empty TP rolls! 🙂
    Peady recently posted…Chimichanga! As fun to eat, as it is to say!My Profile

  7. Emily Linton

    This is so cute and an easy craft for little kids to make – wish I saw this before mother’s day! 🙂

  8. Laurie P

    This is one of my absolute favorite crafts that my son made when he was younger. For mother’s day, I spent the day with my own mom who recently finished her treatments for breast cancer. We had lunch and just enjoyed a quiet day.


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