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Summer Must-Haves for Kids and Cleaning @ShopprsDrugMart #OnlyAtShoppers

Shoppers Drug Mart This Summer Campaign

Summer is finally here! Technically, it’s still Spring but you wouldn’t know it with all the lovely weather. In only five short weeks, the kids will be out of school and spending every waking hour outside while you spend your time trying to keep them protected and the outside, well, outside.

Shoppers Drug Mart understands that you too want to enjoy your time with your family and that’s why they had Parents like you in mind when they created their latest program,

This Summer Only at Shoppers!

It’s a first of its kind for Shoppers with unique lifestyle content related to summer health, beauty and convenience products. There are blog articles, quizzes, polls, videos, coupons and more! There are tons of articles covering topics like; “Pack like a Pro” and get the “411 on SPF application”. Everything you’ll need for the exciting Summer ahead.

Shoppers Drug Mart This Summer Campaign-Blog

Every Friday you can find me in Shoppers Drug Mart buying staples, shopping the sales and stocking up on staples and health supplies. You know that I love to support Canadian but, yes, there’s a “but”, I also love to save money. The great thing about Shoppers Drug Mart is that I can do both. The bonus is that their variety is unparalleled (especially in our small town) and they’re open late. Just what this Mother needs.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll be excited to WIN these Family and Spring Clean Prize Packs. And you can below!

Shoppers Drug Mart This Summer Campaign Family Prize Pack
Family Prize Pack valued at $18 -> 1. Life Brand Sunthera3 Kids SPF 60 Continuous Spray, 2. Balea Kids Moisturizing Hand Soap Duckie Delight of Funny Frog, 3. Carnaby Sweet Upright Pouches, assorted.

Shoppers Drug Mart This Summer Campaign Cleaning Prize Pack
Spring Cleaning Prize Pack valued at $30 -> 1. Breeza All-purpose antibacterial scrub sponge, 2. Breeza Deluxe Kitchen brush, 3. Life Brand Rubber Gloves, 4. Balea Tangerine or Raspberry Foaming Hand Soap, 5. Biolife All-purpose surface cleaner Pink Grapefuit OR Wild Orchid, 6. Biolife Jumbo Paper towels 2 ply 100 sheets OR Life Brand Ultra Premium Bathroom Tissue 2 ply 165 sheets per roll

For another chance to win head on over to Mommy Outside The Box.

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192 thoughts on “Summer Must-Haves for Kids and Cleaning @ShopprsDrugMart #OnlyAtShoppers

  1. Erika E

    I like the Road Trip Essentials section. I’m always looking for ideas to make road trips a little easier.

  2. Jessica C

    I really like the reward program the site offers and all the different kind of makeup ! its wonderful

  3. Laurie P

    I’m always checking out the rewards program, and the deals on baby items. I have a Shopper’s a block away, so I keep an eye on the eflyer. Sometimes there’s just way better deals than the grocery store offers.

  4. Mishelle

    I like the info you can find around the site about sales and points. It’s good to have it all together.



    i like the amigo brand dog food and toys, thats pretty cool they have just one line that makes some cool dogs toys and chews.

  6. natasha severson

    I really love how easy the website is to shop at! I also love that i can use my rewards card online which is great! This site is awesome and has great variety!

  7. KD

    I like the article on First Class Travel…refilling tiny toiletry bottles is far cheaper and better for the environment than continuing to buy disposable small bottles!

  8. Vanessa

    I’m very interested in their Soap and Glory line of beauty products. Would love to try the Sugar Crush Body Scrub.

  9. Brenda Penton

    What interests me is the I want to… Look Beautiful tab with the articles and product info.

  10. Jennifer P.

    I like the short articles e.g. From Drab to Fab in 10 minutes or Less, and Transform Yourself from Tired to Timeless. They are very relevant and useful, and the length is perfect for the few minutes of time I get to myself right now. 🙂

  11. Angela Mitchell

    I love the selection of products in Shoppers and the Optimum program. I like the variety of articles on the website — I’m always looking for tips and tricks to stay healthy and feel good!

  12. Cheryl Grandy

    I didn’t know they offered so many articles on beauty and health. I like the little quizzes too.

  13. Debbie S.

    I like the Road Trip Essentials, snacks, shades, freshen up (Balea Exfoliating Facial Wipes-how cool is that!?!) and most important the playlist! I can’t wait for a road trip!

  14. JaimeeM

    I enjoyed all of the tips and articles on the website, I loooove all of the ‘only at shoppers’ products. They always have the best clearance when I go in store.

  15. Sunshine H

    I love the Shoppers Optimum Point program, and remembering to see what ‘special promotions’ to earn more points are on.

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  17. Maegan Morin

    Wow I didnt know that half of those products even existed! I really love that the site has a magazine type layout and feel to it too.

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  19. LYN W

    I enjoyed the information that is supplied on the site. Access to get educated on the medical illness you might have.

  20. roger simmons

    I like the new bold layout with it’s unique style, bold and vibrant colors. It stands out and is more visually stimulating.

  21. Edmond

    I like reward programs. SOS. Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the $50 card to shop & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest!

  22. Sunshine G

    I like their points offers – if you take time to understand the system, it’s well worth shopping there!

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  24. Christy Martin

    I liked reading about Cottage Etiquette. It was a good reminder for those of us without a cottage. For some, the points made might be common sense, but everyone’s cottage is different and has different rules. In the past I have stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart and hit their summer section and picked up a couple beach towels for the host.

  25. Rachel Cartwright

    I enjoyed finding out that you can transfer your Optimum points (among cardholders – e.g. I can stake claim on my boyfriend’s points heheh)!

  26. rebecca pierson

    beauty tricks: how to get rid of my dark circles for good, i look exhausted! : great articles!

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  28. nicolthepickle

    You can get bonus points. It’s good to know I can check up on what I can earn on the web site.

  29. Amy Stack

    From Messy to Marvelous— with two boys under four this headline drew me in. A mommy can only hope 🙂


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