Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Would You Post A Picture of Your Child Licking Their Toes?

I’ve started to take more pictures. Unfortunately, not all of them are great. Some of them are quite horrible actually. I never realized that more than tonight.In preparation for this weeks Wordless Wednesday post (which never actually ends up being wordless), I went into the folder titled “post worthy” to find some pictures to share with you. And. Well.

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking of course, that there was a picture of Artemis licking ketchup off her toes.


If you think you have questions, so do I.

1. How did ketchup get on her toes?
2. Why would she lick it off?
3. Do we not feed The Kids enough?
4. Does she really like ketchup that much?
5. Do they have support groups for people like her?
6. Did I seriously run and grab my camera to take a picture?

Would You Post A Picture of Your Child Licking Their Toes?

Note that this is all hypothetically speaking of course.

Portrait of Me Drawn by Artemis

A Portrait of Yours Truly. P.S. I have eyebrows!

Max Riding His Racing Bike

Max Riding His Racing Bike

Max Helping Out The Boys

Max Helping Out The Boys

Boston Pizza Lunch with Cathy Canton

All dressed up for lunch with Aunt Cathy Canton at Boston Pizza Barrhaven

Boston Pizza Kids Meal Sundae-600

Lunch with Aunt Cathy Canton at Boston Pizza Barrhaven

31 thoughts on “Would You Post A Picture of Your Child Licking Their Toes?

  1. Rene

    I would post pictures of just about anything…my kid chews her toenails so some of the same questions above might apply to her as well. (ie do we not feed her enough)
    Love the photos – I remember a time when going to a restaurant was out of the question!

  2. Peady

    I would be very tempted to post such a picture, but ultimately, I’d have to get permission from the Thing in question and that always gives me pause…

    If I *have* to ask, I probably know the answer. 😛

    I miss being flexible enough to freely consume condiments from my extremities. Is there a “lick ketchup off toes” pose in yoga?

    How was the special lunch? Did you try bacon everything? 😀

    Fun post! Gorgeous kiddos!
    Peady recently posted…A Pinch of Positivity for Peak Performance Day.My Profile

  3. Kirsten

    I have taken some pretty weird pictures of my kids. I usually just share those one with family via text or email.

  4. Ali P

    I also have taken some weird pictures of my kids that make me stop and just think, ‘What?!’ But, kids will be kids and it makes for great funny memories!

  5. Laurie P

    Oh man, the pics I have taken. Not all on purpose. When I have my camera out (or even my phone), I just point and shoot sometimes. A couple of shots outta the bunch are usually pretty awesome. And some not so much. Toes and all lol.
    Started on that video a day bit. Lovin’ it.

      1. Laurie P

        I don’t have a blog, and I don’t post videos anywhere because my laptop likes to play dead when it comes to videos. Needing a new laptop obviously. My fb page is loaded with pics tho. But today’s video is of my little girl walking down the street babbling to a leaf lol.
        Who cares about pj’s. Now that I live in this small town, we are known to spend the day in them lol. I even did a trip to walmart once in my pj bottoms. It’s walmart so anything goes, right? hahaha

        I find it’s better to be random about the videos too. No planning, just shoot. Last xmas my hubby put together a long compilation of all the videos of our son as a baby. They were taken 16 yrs ago, so it was a bit of work transferring them from 8mm film. Looking forward to doing the same with our little girls videos.

          1. Laurie P

            AHHH NOT THE WALMARTIANS!!!!!!! I know my limits. Now where’s the bleach for my eyes.

  6. aneta alaei

    Haha I have asked my four year old to watch the baby (8 months) while I switched the laundry and came back to find Emma’s toes in Aria’s mouth. Both were laughing like crazy

  7. Elva Roberts

    I probably would post such a picture if it was cute enough. Was it a famous ‘brand of ketsup? Their PR people might use it for an ad campaign.-so good, so good- They even lick it off both their fingers and toes! You can see where \i am going here. Or so fine, so fine, I ‘ll keep my toes in line’
    Babies are always cute sticking their toes in their mouths-maybe they think the toes are as sweet as they are.

  8. Soozle

    I would probably say: Why not? If it’s not a harmful picture why not? Everyone can appreciate a cute kid pic 🙂

  9. Lynda Cook

    I think I would lol, makes for a great story when she is a lot older, something you could show her future husband lol

  10. HEIDI C.

    I have to admit that I am nervous about posting pics of my kids online. I would probably post wiith ketchup but just the foot :).

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    yes I would post a photo of my child licking their toes – unfortunately I can’t reach mine to do that any longer 🙂 Obviously there was no way that last drop of ketchup was going to be missed and kids do love ketchup.
    Whilst living in Germany there weren’t all that many restaurants we could joyfully visit with our tribe of children. I think people were scared there’d be too much fussing, noise or something. Mostly we stuck to Chinese, Italian or Yugoslavian where children were welcomed with open arms.


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