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Support Your Child’s Musical Interests at Rock My House Music Centre

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Since The Kids were born, we’ve incorporated music into their life. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I remember the first time that Max heard marimba music. He danced himself right out of his high chair. He was 10 months old.

We have a lot of musical instruments; electric piano, child guitar, maracas, tambourine, drums, recorders, and some that I don’t even know the names of. The Kids are still young so as long as they’re enjoying their musical time then I’m happy. The only problem is that Max has started to ask me how to play these instruments that I don’t even know the name of. So, I went in search of the Pros.

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I was pleased to find Kevin and his company, Rock My House Music Centre are located in Kemptville. They offer a fully equipped rehearsal studio, music store and school of music with lessons in drums, vocals, guitar, bass and piano. They also offer a twice weekly kids program which sounded like it was made for us.

The program is intended for kids aged 2-5 years old and the class costs $5 per child. This includes a 30-minute structured program by Kevin with free play time afterwards. I love that it’s a pay as you go system so that I can just show up one day a month or twice a week.

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Flexibility encourages Creative Learning

Upon arrival, each of the kids received a name tag so that Kevin can call them by name. The two times we’ve been in attendance there were six kids so it can get pretty busy. Each class, he teaches the kids how to hold and play an instrument, for example the Rhythm Sticks. Then he goes around the circle and has the kids come up with other ways to make sounds with it. The Kids enjoyed leading the group and I liked that they had to try and imitate others.

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Even though Kevin doesn’t have any kids of his own, you wouldn’t know it. He sits on the floor with them, sings, waits patiently for their responses and even jumps around. He knows all the words to the kid-friendly songs and it’s obvious that he has a real ability and passion for music.

The first visit, Max just played it cool and took everything in. However, after watching this Vine of Artemis having so much fun, 3,931 times that week, he expressed an interest in participating the next week and he did. He even said that this was his favourite part of the day.

Looking for something for your child to do this summer? Rock My House Music Centre is currently registering for their Summer Program. Give them a call at 613-258-5656 for more details.

If you are interested in introducing your child to music or if they already know that they want to be the next Niccolo Paganini, I would highly recommend that you take them to Rock My House Music Centre. We have added “attending music class” to our weekly calendar.

How Do you Support Your Child’s Musical Interests?

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25 thoughts on “Support Your Child’s Musical Interests at Rock My House Music Centre

  1. Kirsten

    I wish we had a program like that in our area! It looks like a lot of fun.
    My kids have some interest in music. Sadly, due to time and budget constraints, I have never found something that works for us. Hopefully as the get older I can find something.

  2. Elva Roberts

    I think it is wonderful that children can enjoy 30 minutes of music and instruction for $5. We have Music for Young Canadians here where children from 4 years of age may participate in music, stories and singing.
    I have helped both my daughters buy pianos for their children when they were taking lessons and this made a difference when the children had access to a good piano.

  3. Rene

    This place sounds great – and $5 can’t be beat! I like that they have each child lead the group – what a great skill/experience for them to have at an early age. Overall sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing a local wonder!

  4. Anne Taylor

    What a great, positive and creative program for wee kidlets! I wish it were closer to me, but I’m going to look and see if there is anything like this in Victoria!

    Thanks so much!

  5. Nena Sinclair

    That’s wonderful to encourage your children to be musical! I did also, but they never really developed a strong interest, unfortunately.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Nena,

      My husband was in piano lessons for years and years and can’t carry a tune to save his life. However, he loves music and my son got his passion from him.

      As a parent, my theory is you introduce them to things and support them when they express an interest.

      Besos, Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…A Symphony of VINESMy Profile

      1. Nena Sinclair

        I’m not in the least bit musical, but several of my relatives are, so I always encouraged my children, but they just had no interest. Now that they’re older, they wish they had shown interest. I always tell them its never too late!

  6. Debbie S.

    THis looks like a fantastic program and your kids seem to enjoy it. My kids were never that musically inclined.

  7. Corry L.

    Both my husband and I are musicians so it just goes without saying that our son is going to be exposed whatever musical interests he may have early.

  8. Cheryl Grandy

    Sounds like a great program! I like that it’s pay as you go so it can be fit in to the family’s time, interest and schedule.

  9. Wanda Tracey

    I think music is such a wonderful and positive way to express yourself.It’s so much fun to be a part of.My daughter learned how to play the drums and was a part of her school band and she loved it too.

  10. cheryl

    My oldest never really showed an interest in music but LO absolutely loves it and when hes older I will be looking into things more for him

  11. Elaine Buonsante

    What a wonderful opportunity for children to experience music…and an affordable one at that!

  12. Laurie P

    Great music program, and only $5 a shot, with no commitment, love that. I don’t yet have my little one in a music program and unfortunately stuff like that is more easily accessible in a larger city. Again, one of the things I miss about living in the city. But I grew up with music instruments always around, so I thinks it’s super important to pass that on, just seems right.

  13. Darlene W

    I come from a long line of musicians, from a very early age we were encouraged to tap along with either a tambourine or blocks to the music my dad played

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    when my children were young there wasn’t much in the way of music programmes. This one looks like a lot of fun for the children. Two of mine did take accordion lessons for about a year and that was the end of that. I remember as a child (many moons ago) that we all had to learn to play the recorder in school. I never was much good – I’m tone deaf, the only person my kids know who can sing all songs to the same beat! 🙂 I think my kids all went to sleep out of protest when I sang to them.


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