Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 9/2

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On the personal front…

If we’re not coming from somewhere then we’re heading somewhere and this week is no different.

On Friday, we head for our annual 5-night visit to Algonquin Park. If you’re thinking tents and meals over an open fire, not quite. We’ll be sleeping in a cabin perched on the edge of a cliff with a view of Canoe Lake and three meals a day served in the Dining Hall. The fact that we have to use a kybo and have mice as roommates is all par for the course. If you see any smoke screens, it’s me.

Needless to say, between packing for that, trying to save Barbie from a life with no head and informing The Kids that Santa Claus exists, we’ve been busy.

And after seven days of rain, today was lovely and sunny. I’m looking forward to letting The Kids outside and putting my house back together.

On the blog front…

1. We posted about our trip to Ripleys Aquarium, The Art Gallery of Ontario and posted a review and giveaway for Canada’s Wonderland. Don’t miss all our recommendations for “What To Do This Summer with Your Family in Toronto”.

2. Rumour has it that kids are going Back to School soon. In turn, we let you know about a cute and functional giveaway from Baby Joy (a great Canadian company that we’ve mentioned before).

3. If you like eating ice cream and supporting a charity at the same time then you need to enter our Chapmans $115 Prize Pack Giveaway. They have blueberry pie ice cream. Enough said.

4. We opened, closed and mailed the winner in our $90 Coupon/FPC Giveaway. And tonight we’ll be drawing THREE WINNERS in the I Can Kids Personalized Ebook Giveaway so watch your inboxes.

5. In case you didn’t notice (but I’m sure you did), I’ve made this giveaway linky span over two weeks because I’ll be without internet access next week. Don’t worry though, I’ll be promoting it daily so giveaways will be added every day.

6. And, last but not least, we’re working on a giveaway for a Dare Candy Prize Pack and another one for Shoppers Drug Mart that will see not one but TWO of you win a $100 Gift Card!


I repeat, DO NOT POST US ONLY GIVEAWAYS IN THIS LINKY. Sorry for having to put this in caps and bold it but people are posting their US Only Giveaways and not posting eligibility and it’s taking me several hours to clean up the linky every week.

Note that the linky below is now dedicated to giveaways OPEN TO CANADIANS. So, if your giveaway isn’t open to Canadians, please don’t post it to the linky below. Instead, please post it to this US ONLY GIVEAWAY thread on my Facebook Fan Page. While you’re there, please give our page a like.



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