Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ever Had Your Child Do Something That You Questioned Afterwards?

Artemis in the RainThe other day, I posted about how Ed got all soaking and soggy like a wet noodle (actually, I used the term “drowned rat” but close enough) at a funeral because he wouldn’t use his umbrella.

Not because he didn’t have one or couldn’t use it but that he wouldn’t because the umbrella was too “joyful”.

After I pulled myself together, I knew that I had to write a blog post. And for that, I needed a picture.

The problem was that the umbrella was in the car and it was raining out. And, well, I didn’t want to get wet. So, I had Artemis put on her rain coat and stand outside in such a spot that the camera wouldn’t get wet (water can really damage a camera you know) but that I could still get the shot from under the overhang.

Why didn’t I use that shot in my post?

Well, I realized after the fact that not everyone would ask their child to do that. Or, that their kid would actually go out in the rain and do it. Willingly. With no promises of cookies adorned with icing from an easy bake decorating pen.

Maybe with no promises.

Fine, I promised.

And I delivered. Barely.

Ever Had Your Child Do Something
That You Questioned Afterwards?

5 thoughts on “Ever Had Your Child Do Something That You Questioned Afterwards?

  1. Elva Roberts

    Yes; many years ago I allowed my 14 year old son to go in a school camping trip with swimming involved. As a Mother involved with cubs for five years and having gone to camp with our troup, I did not do what i should have done-I should have contacted his teacher and found out if they were using the Buddy system for swimming and what the supervision would be.
    That evening I had such a sick feeling in my stomach from worrying about my son and his classmates. Later on that night, when we were all in bed, he arrived home to tell us that one of his classmates, a girl who I had formerly taught as supply teacher, had drowned because she was left behind. No buddy system. I have always been very careful about swimming and children and I certainly did not make that mistake again. I grieved for that girl and for her family.
    The girl drowned just about the time I had such a sick feeling and I was too far away to check up on them.


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