Wednesday, November 19, 2014

If This is Fall Imagine What Winter Will Look Like…

Winter in Fall Wordless Wednesday

Is It Snowing Where You Are?

15 thoughts on “If This is Fall Imagine What Winter Will Look Like…

  1. Peady

    Have mercy!

    We had the very first real snow this morning (a teensy amount, mind you) and it really made a wicked awful mess for the early morning commuters, as the snow became packed down into ice, the black ice on highways and side roads became like skating rinks – except invisible and possibly even slipperier!! It was terrible.

    Thing 1, who went out to wait for his bus at 8:20 was still waiting for that bus when I took Thing 2 out to wait for hers… we waited… and waited.

    The JH bus arrived at about 8:57 and it would be another 20 minutes before the Elementary school bus arrived. The kids were freezing!

    I was miffed, but in the end glad the drivers were safe because the roads were truly treacherous! Better late than never.

    It sure would be great if there was some mode of communication for schools and bus companies to use for these situations, wouldn’t it? 😉
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    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Peady,

      Isn’t there a phone number you can call about bus delays and such? My kids don’t take the bus so I wouldn’t know but I just thought…

      I had to pick up DH at the airport along cold, dark and unpassed roads last night at 1am and driving was horrible. I took it slow and while i was 30 minutes late, I arrived safe.

      Thanks for the comment about The Kids.

      P.S. If you’re ever short for blog post content, you should just cut and paste all the comments you left for an entire week and you’d be done 🙂

      Thanks for always stopping by.

      Besos Sarah.
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  2. Dorothy Boucher

    I am not looking forward to winter here in the USA, I know already a few places have gotten hit already with huge amounts of snow.. I live in MA. a small town and sometimes its hard to get around as it is and with snow makes it even tougher… love the pic though you shared 😉 @tisonlyme143

  3. Kirsten

    We got a bunch of snow. It put a huge damper on my day. I had to reschedule an appointment with a specialist for my son. My other son came home early from school because the school closed at lunch. Thankfully I think it has stopped.

      1. Kirsten

        The kids went out & played. I’m feeling a bit under the weather so I stayed inside. Today it was sunny but chilly. I managed to get out for a walk today with my husband & toddler. Despite the wind, it was nice.


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