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Be Treated like Royalty at @MedievalTimes Dinner and Tournament #Orlando #Disney

Medieval Times Dinner and TournamentWhen you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to go is cook. Since we’re talking about me here, it’s the last thing that I ever want to do, vacation or not. So, for our recent trip to Disney in late March, I knew that I needed to come up with a plan for feeding the Family.

As I was perusing my Twitter Feed, I saw a tweet from the restaurant, Medieval Times in Toronto. Friends of mine have been talking about this attraction and that I needed to take my Family. So, I decided to take a look around their website and guess what I found? Seriously, guess.

There is a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Orlando near Disney!*

If you’re not familiar with the venue, it is a family dinner theater featuring staged medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting performed by a cast of 75 actors and more than 20 horses in each location. Never a dull moment when you have a bunch Knights in the arena.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Venue

Whether you head there by car or taxi it’s only 15 minutes from Disney and there is tons of parking at the location. In fact, when we got there 30 minutes early, the parking lot was almost packed. We were immediately greeted by a replica 11th-century castle (all locations have one except Toronto) and it came complete with moat and draw bridge. The Kids were amazed and we hadn’t even entered yet.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament11

After handing in our tickets, we were ushered into a large room with a bar down one side and two counters where you could purchase medieval related merchandise**. Across the front was a large two story balcony where the King’s right hand man amused us and got us organized according to the colour of our crowns.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament9

Once we were separated into six colours we entered the darkened venue to find a large riding ring and rows of tables with benches. As luck would have it, we had ringside seats in the blue section.

The Menu

Medieval Times serves a four-course meal with portions fit for Royalty! Bread, soup, 1/2 a chicken, corn on the cob, a pastry and pop are all on the menu and of course you need to eat them with your fingers (they provide beer mugs). Fortunately, there is a plethora of napkins and wetnaps and of course another piece of bread solves most problems.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament5
Note that this wasn’t even half of the food that was served to each person including The Kids!

The portions were huge, tasty and cooked to perfection. Quite a feat when you’re cooking for hundreds of people. The Kids had a bite of everything and ate the corn off everyone’s plates. Between the six of us, we had a whole chicken worth of leftovers to take home. That meant that I could relax for two dinners. Well worth the money if you ask me.

The Event

I won’t go into detail about the entertainment because you really have to see it to experience the wonder. However, I thought that I was just going to see some people dressed up and duelling while on horses but there was such an intricacy to the storyline that it really drew you in. And, the variety of skills shown by both human and animals (there were more than just horses) was remarkable.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament10

The Knights engaged the audience at every turn (literally) and we were encouraged to shout, boo, wave and generally be nuisances. I’ve never been called “Me Lady” so much but it’s definitely something that I could get used to.

Find out who is victorious in this dual of Knights .

The Kids were engaged, enthralled and cheering along with the crowds until the very end when two Knights were engaged in hand-to-hand combat. As an adult, it was obvious that no one was going to get hurt as the actions were well scripted but The Kids are only five. We kept assuring them that it was only pretend, while we continued to cheer for the Blue Knight that was battling for his life!

We were fortunate enough to be seated in the blue section with some of the most enthusiastic and rowdiest patrons. Couple that with the fact that our Knight was the Champion made it a night to remember.

The Details

The dinner and show “transport you to another time” for around one hour and 45 minutes. At the end, no one rushes you out but they make it clear that they need to prepare for the next show. Yes, THE NEXT SHOW. They run two shows a night, every night and they run the event like a well oiled machine. Let me know if you come up with an analogy involving a horse.

If you happen to celebrate your Birthday there, you visit for Free! Visit their website for all the packages and upgrades that you can purchase to make your visit exactly what you want it to be.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament2

Overall, it was an incredible night of entertainment and fare enjoyed by Nanna’s, Uncle’s, Parents and The Kids. Everyone agreed that they would definitely like to go back again soon so we’re setting our sights on their Toronto location. A BIG Thanks to Medieval Times for allowing us this unique experience.

Have You Ever Been to a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament?

Connect with Medieval Times Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

* There are restaurants in Toronto (Ontario), Atlanta (Georgia), Baltimore (Maryland), Buena Park (California), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), Lyndhurst (New Jersey), Myrtle Beach, (South Carolina), and Orlando (Florida).

** Max got a flag and Artemis got a Princess Hat complete with Tiara.

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received compensation that enabled us to complete this review.

36 thoughts on “Be Treated like Royalty at @MedievalTimes Dinner and Tournament #Orlando #Disney

  1. Eric SHEWAN aka Uncle Eric

    Because I’m a neighbour of “The Zoo”, I get to interact with the kids.

    “I saw Artemis’ hat and she sure does look like a princess”.

    Great kids.

  2. Brandee H

    My son absolutely loves Medieval Times!!! It does sound familiar to the Toronto show! Although it is not cheap, there are always deals going in (often half price or $20 off!). We are planning to go again next month! So much fun!!!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’d love to see something like this, I’m glad you all enjoyed yourselves so much. Often at these sort of shows the food isn’t very good but this looked fantastic and so much that there were left-overs is pretty incredible. I’m all for left-overs & doggie bags – anything that saves me having to cook 🙂

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Elizabeth,

      The chicken was moist, the water and pop was plenty the garlic bread was amazing and I finished the soup even though I’m normally not a fan. Being part of something bigger made me want to participate and get the whole experience. I hardly had time for pictures I was having so much fun. I hope that you get to experience it some day, you know like those Dancing on Ice tickets 😉

      Besos Sarah.
      Sarah recently posted…Surprise Your Kids with Notes of Love from @PICKmeUPnapkins, US/CAN, 5/18My Profile

  4. Debbie S.

    Sounds like lots of fun, even eating with fingers. That picture of the chicken made me hungry. If we ever go I know my family would love this. I glad you guys had a great time.

  5. Alayne Langford

    I have not been but my kids have been! Did you notice a big difference between Toronto and Orlando locations? 🙂

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Alayne,

      I’ve never been to the Toronto location (which is interesting because I grew up in Toronto and my Family/Inlaws are still there. As I understand it, the meal and entertainment is very similar, however, the Toronto location is the only one that isn’t housed in a castle. The outside is very different. Be sure to let me know if you go.

      Besos Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…Surprise Your Kids with Notes of Love from @PICKmeUPnapkins, US/CAN, 5/18My Profile

  6. KD

    Have You Ever Been to a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament?

    I haven’t, but I’ve heard of the one in Toronto before. They have a vegetarian meal available, and maybe someday I’ll go!

  7. Debbie W

    I have attended the Toronto show a couple of times and enjoyed it. The chicken is good. Not fussy on the dessert, but I’m usually full by then. I admit, the Knights are hunks too. (there’s my

  8. Jennifer Herman

    That looks like so much fun! We have always wanted to go to one. I have heard that the shows are great and the foods are even better.

  9. Katherine Riley

    My son went to one of these shows in the Chicago area and I have wanted to go to one ever since! Looks like so much fun!


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