Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Find Out What Smoke Detectors and My Cooking Have in Common

Stock-Smoke Detector-KConnors

Last night I was cooking dinner at 9:30pm.

Because that’s what I do.

And the Smoke Detector went off.

Because that’s what happens.

Artemis wakes up from a dead sleep and yells out…


Sad but true.

Ever had the Smoke Detector Go Off While You’re Cooking?

Note that in keeping with current Ontario Law, we actually have a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Photo taken by KConnors

20 thoughts on “Find Out What Smoke Detectors and My Cooking Have in Common

  1. Eric SHEWAN


    I always turn on my ceiling fan, even when I’m making toast, because I have an oversensitive smoke alarm. It prevents it from beeping.


  2. Laurie P

    We also use the ceiling fan…..because we too are guilty of setting off the alarm, at any given time of day!

    You’re not alone. lol

  3. Jo-Anne Pfoh

    lol mine goes off all the time i open the window lol the cats run and cody just ignores it once he yells everything ok ? lol i cook at 11 pm at night

  4. TenaciousC

    We only just got our hood fans installed in our new home YESTERDAY! We have set the alarm off 3-4 times in the 6 weeks since we moved in. In the rental place we stayed in before our house was ready, we set the alarm off EVERY time we used the oven, and it was a heritage house with 4 other units, so everyone heard it! (Luckily usually around 6:00pm….). 😛
    That’s why I’m so good at ordering take-out! 😉
    xo Cindy

  5. Joann @ Woman in Real Life

    For one week when the battery was low (or the unit was old maybe – not sure cuz hubby took care of it), it went off constantly when we were cooking. The dogs were terrified. I cannot just leave the battery out because my dad was always so cautious about having a working smoke detector. 🙂


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