Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WIN at our Weekly Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky (Ends 7/7) #canwin

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Family and Blog Update

On Saturday, we went to our Annual Canada Day Celebration at Uncle Chuck and Michelle’s and as with all previous five years, the whole family had a great time. You can read about how we incorporated; charity, nail polish and glow sticks into our day.

Early last week, we posted about one of our favourite Canadian stores — Giant Tiger and all that they have to get you ready for your Canada Day. Note that there is STILL time! The bonus is that they’re also giving one of you the chance to WIN a $25 Gift Card!

Speaking of giveaways, Natasha over at Canada and US Win and Save asked me to share the chance to WIN a $25 Mastercard Gift Card giveaway so of course I did.

I’ve got a huge stash of coupons together and will be posting a giveaway for them soon. Be sure to Subscribe via Email to Journeys of The Zoo so that you don’t miss the post or any of our other great giveaways.

Referral Giveaways

Below is a list of this weeks referral giveaways as well as ongoing ones. Remember that when you enter from the links below I will receive (at least) one additional contest entry. Good Luck!

  1. *NEW* Win $50 PayPal Cash or GC! WW, 7/22 http://is.gd/CZ2rEG
  2. *NEW* WIN $50 PayPal CASH! US/CAN, 7/26http://bit.ly/1HrfIHA
  3. *NEW* WIN a Mythbusters Prize Pack from the Ontario Science Centre! ONT, 7/27 http://woobox.com/78no6s/finafe
  4. *NEW* WIN a Las Vegas Giveaway! CAN, 7/22 http://woobox.com/u4nrbh/fihgyd
  5. For every 5 people that sign up, I receive 1 free box. After signing up, you receive your own referral link!
  6. *NEW* Win a Samsung S6 Edge Smartphone, WW, 7/14
  7. *NEW* WIN Two Round trip Tickets Anywhere Delta Flies, US/CAN, 9/8 http://bit.ly/1CzPPZo
  8. *NEW* WIN a LG G4 SmartPhone! WW, 7/17
  9. *NEW* WIN a HamiltonBeachCA Blender and Food Processor, CAN, 7/17 http://bit.ly/1M6vG0c
  10. *NEW* Win $100 CASH! WW, 7/21 http://gvwy.io/sb5gioo
  11. *NEW* WIN a Prize Pack from ButterBall Canada, CAN, 7/11 http://woobox.com/3new5y/fhjsea
  12. *NEW* Win a Kindle Fire, WW, 7/11 http://nanamaloneromance.net/giveaways/kindle-fire-giveaway/?lucky=1552
  13. *NEW* WIN a $5,000 prize from LandsEnd, US/CAN, 7/2 http://shr-me.com/share.aspx?promotionId=4011&shareGuid=65dbd614-c16e-44ba-8335-841fd2a71a3e&revcid=&revcs=Twitter&revcm=Share&revtm=&revco=Homepage&revna=
  14. *NEW* Win a $150 Marks Work Warehouse GC, CAN, 6/30 http://bit.ly/1FNwJts
  15. *NEW* WIN a Keurig K200, CAN, 7/1515https://gleam.io/DKQoR-uNcHj8?l=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.homewithaneta.com%2Fk200-keurigcolours-giveaway-2%2F
  16. *NEW* WIN an Axon Phone, WW, 8/18 really long url
  17. *NEW* Win a Free Kindle Paperwhite 3G! WW, 7/8 http://improvedmindpub.com/giveaways/win-a-free-kindle-paperwhite/?lucky=12376
  18. *NEW* Win a PetValue Prize Pack, CAN, 7/31 http://a.pgtb.me/tNGbfJ/hZ1Q0?w=36230074&e=95060488
  19. *NEW* Win a Toy Box of Lalaloopsy Dolls, CAN, 7/13 http://gvwy.io/fl54fi1
  20. *NEW* WIN a Baby Bjorn Mini Bouncer, CAN, 7/6 https://gleam.io/Se7pa-uNcHj8?l=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.everythingmomandbaby.com%2F2015%2F06%2Fbabybjorn-mini-bouncer-giveaway%2F
  21. *NEW* WIN a Playtex Prize Pack for Kids, CAN, 7/24Long Link
  22. *NEW* Win an Arm & Hammer Laundry Gift Basket, CAN, 8/3 http://is.gd/XKRi5k
  23. *NEW* Win 1 of 5 Pairs of Tickets to Ripleys Aquarium Jazz Night, CAN, 7/10
  24. *NEW* WIN a $250 ToysRUs Gift Card, WW, 7/4 http://woobox.com/yqzyi9/fewhwt
  25. *NEW* VitaClay slow cooker ($260), US/CAN, 7/4
  26. *NEW* My Little Pony Movie DVD, CAN, 7/2http://is.gd/cELLZq
  27. *NEW* Kikkoman Prize Pack, US/CAN, 11/27 http://bit.ly/1FY1As7
  28. *NEW* WIN a His and Hers Prize Pack from New Balance, CAN 7/7 http://woobox.com/2jrzmm
  29. *NEW* Massive Lens Giveaway, WW, 8/31 http://bit.ly/1Ua901F
  30. *NEW* Win a $100 BH Cosmetics Gift Card, CAN, 7/31 http://bit.ly/1f2NTOQ
  31. *NEW* WIN 1 of 3 FujiFilm Prizes, US/CAN, 7/12 http://bit.ly/1Hik6Ot
  32. *NEW* WIN a Blue Air Pro M Air Purifier, US/CAN, 7/6 http://woobox.com/r5wev3/ffv6ww
  33. *NEW* Win a Maplelea Sports Outfit! CAN, 8/4 http://is.gd/IzrJMp
  34. *NEW* Win a Sabatier 4-Piece Forced German Steel Cutlery Set, CAN, 7/17 http://woobox.com/d5ibzi
  35. June 30 -> Win a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from The Source, CAN, 6/30 http://iwantthatsurface.ca/?app_data=CDBB7B9
  36. June 30 -> Win 26 Wines from around the World, WW, 6/30 http://giveaway.grapesandlager.com.au/giveaways/26-wines/?lucky=5281
  37. June 30 -> Win $500 GC from RW&CO. store in Canada, CAN, 6/30 http://bit.ly/1Qu4Dz5
  38. June 30 -> Win a Free Box of Babalu Cigars, WW, 6/30 http://bobalu.com/blog/giveaways/bobalu-cigar-monthly-contest/?lucky=6208
  39. June 30 -> Win 1 of 41 Prizes worth over $5,000! CAN, 6/30 http://bit.ly/1F5Zl23
  40. June 30 -> Win a Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop! CAN, 6/30 http://iwantthatsurface.ca/?app_data=07A4711
  41. June 30 -> Win Lowa Renegade PRO GTX Hiking Boots, CAN, 6/30 http://woobox.com/c735g6
  42. June 30 -> Win Prizes totaling over $275! US/CAN, 6/30 http://woobox.com/i3u8qw/fb57o6
  43. July 17 -> Win a GT Omega Racing Pro Gaming Office Chair!
    WW, 7/17 https://gleam.io/9yO2M-uNcHj8?l=https%3A%2F%2Fgleam.io%2Ffb%2F9yO2M171495849552113
  44. July 13 -> Win a $400 VIP shopping spree at Reitmans, CAN, 7/13 http://bit.ly/1HcjrMF
  45. July 9 -> Win a Kindle Paper White, WW, 7/9 http://nextlinepublishing.com/giveaways/kindle-paperwhite/?lucky=2056
  46. September 15 -> Win a $500 Nordstrom Gift Card, WW, 9/15 http://woobox.com/rku5sp/fbhcxu
  47. September 20 -> Win a $150 Estee Lauder Gift Package, WW, 9/20 http://www.stokescontests.com/contests/?id=69&inv=3e00a754
  48. July 16 -> Win a Panasonic 3-in-1 Precision Trimmer,
    CAN, 7/16 http://www.divine.ca/en/giveaways/divine-ca-treat-your-dad-with-panasonic-contest/?lucky=229606
  49. July 1 -> Win a pair of Polaroid Sunglasses, CAN, 7/1 http://www.divine.ca/en/giveaways/divine-ca-celebrate-his-10th-year-anniversary-with-polaroid/?lucky=227688
  50. July 28 -> Win 2 Muskoka Chairs and Weekly Prizes, US/CAN, 7/28 http://goo.gl/r6DfE0
  51. July 30 -> Win an iPhone 6 Smartphone, WW, 7/30 https://gleam.io/IjmtS-uNcHj8?l=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.giveawaybase.com%2Fapple-iphone-6-giveaway-giveawaybase
  52. July 10 -> WIN 1 of 10 Charcoal BBQs, CAN, 7/10https://gleam.io/ZlNaw-uNcHj8?l=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.frugals.ca%2Fcontest-enter-to-win-1-of-10-charcoal-bbqs%2F
  53. July 13 -> Win the Ultimate Boots and Hearts Experience at Weather Guard! CAN, 7/13 http://www.winweatherguard.ca/?refCode=11116
  54. July 3 -> Win a $300 GC from Sportsman Guide, US/CAN, 7/3 http://virl.io/EHXcdsQi
  55. July 10 -> Win 1 of 10 New Smartcode 10 Touchscreen deadbolts!
    Can, 7/10 http://woobox.com/u2ow7w/f70m9k
  56. Oct 31 -> WIN 1 of 2 Thermador Star Sapphire Dishwashers! CAN 10/31 https://gleam.io/mX8eN-uNcHj8?l=http%3A%2F%2Fhouseandhome.com%2Fms%2Fthermador%2Fen-ms-kitchen-contest-2015%2Fcontest.php
  57. July 1 -> Win 1 of 3 Pairs of Palladium Shoes! CAN, 7/1 http://www.divine.ca/en/giveaways/divine-ca-celebrate-our-10th-birthday-with-palladium/?lucky=144509
  58. Win over $770 in Thirty X ThirtyNine Prizes! US/CAN http://woobox.com/wnbmiw/f9ikty
  59. Win a Dream Vacation from @OutriggerResort, US/CAN http://hawaiiinsider.pgtb.me/Jlmdgb/hQlwl?w=35100533&e=92672795&utm_source=TS&cid=HXT
  60. Win 4 Nights for 2 in the Riviera http://woobox.com/x3msy5/f0uaca
  61. WIN over $770 in Prizes from THIRTY X THIRTYNINE, US/CAN http://woobox.com/v8c9gk/eyeryh


Remember that I tweet out and promote this linky each and every day as well as try and enter all the giveaways that are linked up. Thanks for all your support.

Please Retweet and help promote all of our giveaways.

The linky below is dedicated to giveaways OPEN TO CANADIANS. So, if your giveaway isn’t open to Canadians, please don’t post it to the linky below.

NO referral giveaways.

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