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Tips on How to Earn Extra Money Selling Unwanted Items

We’re doing it again. Selling (almost) everything we own and living a nomadic lifestyle. Six months in Canada and six months in Mexico. We plan on listing our house in December 2016 and renting a house on a month-to-month basis… «more»

150808-Andrews 40 Birthday7

Eight Things You’ll Need For An Authentic Farm Party!

This past Saturday, a group of Family and Friends hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for Uncle Andrew. It all started last summer after an impromptu Family dinner. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that we thought we needed to do… «more»

Boston Pizza-Summer Menu-Indy Pizza-Giveaway

Celebrate $5 Indy Pizza this August 10 at @BostonPizza

Imagine for a minute that your Sunday was similar to ours. You start out on your annual one month Summer vacation only to be bombarded by a severe thunderstorm like you’ve never seen before. You know, the ones where it’s… «more»