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Participate in the #StayfreeChallengeContest

Stayfree Challenge Contest LogoIn one week, seven short days, 168 hours and 10,080 minutes we’ll be heading out on our annual trip from Mexico to Canada. This will be our 20th time making the 5,000km, 4-day, 3-country trip with a menagerie of adults, kids and animals. Sure we could fly or eat out for the week before to make sure that there isn’t any food leftover but, where’s the fun in that. If you know anything about our lifestyle, you know that we like fun and if it’s a fun challenge, we’re totally in!

Speaking of challenge, if you’re up for a fun challenge that doesn’t require you to leave your house and enters you in a giveaway to WIN a $200 Gift Card then read on.

The Stayfree Challenge Contest

In case you forgot, a while back, I participated in the Stayfree Challenge. At the time, I recalled watching the commercials where they poured blue dyed water onto pads and seeing how different the results were. I remember thinking how cool they were. Cool or not, I’m a visual person and so when I got the chance to try it out for myself, I was up for the challenge! I had lots of fun doing it and enjoyed getting the chance to try out the (new to me) vine app at the time. As I mentioned in my post, I wasn’t surprised that Stayfree was the winner by far, however, it got me thinking about the science (or what I call “magic”) behind the product.

Stayfree Challenge Contest Kit

And now it’s your turn to be amazed.

I’m looking for 25 men or women that are interested in taking the Stayfree Challenge for themselves! You do not need a blog or know anything about the test that you will perform as clear instructions will be provided to you. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house because Stayfree will mail the kits directly to you at no cost.

If you’re interested then this is what you need to do:

  1. Complete the Giveaways Tools form below and be sure to email me your mailing address*,
  2. If you are chosen, within two weeks of receiving the kit**, take the quick and easy challenge like I did.
  3. Within two weeks of receiving the kit, you must post a “review” on one or more of your social media accounts; Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Your review must include the hashtag “#StayfreeChallengeContest” and a link to this blog post***.
  4. Provide me with the direct link to your social media share(s) of your review no later than Sunday, April 24, 2016.

And that’s it! This is a great way to have some fun with science and your family and the bonus is winning a $200 Gift Card. So…

Do you want to participate in the Stayfree Challenge Contest?

Connect with Stayfree Website | YouTube | Twitter

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104 thoughts on “Participate in the #StayfreeChallengeContest

  1. Darlene Schuller

    Honestly, I want to see if it’s legit! I’ve been seeing these commercials on tv for years, I know a few bloggers participated in something similar in the past…. I’m real curious! Plus, it’s a sweet bonus to have the chance to win a gift card!!

  2. Ali P

    I’ve always wanted to try it for myself! And my daughter is at that age, and pads would be lot more comfortable right now.

  3. Amy Stackhouse

    As I get older I find my cycle changing and therefore my needs are too. I’m in the market for new feminine products and this would be a fun way to do some testing. It would be like a science fair project for my 40 year old self 🙂

    I should let you know I’ll be away until April 11th and may not have access to the internet. Someone will be at my home to accept deliveries and I will definitely be able to post my review before April 24, 2016.

  4. heather sibley

    I’d love to participate because I’ve watched this test on tv for years and would love to actually do it myself.

  5. karla

    I would love the opportunity to try this challenge and give my review and findings! Awesome!..Going to email now 🙂

  6. Sunshine H

    I have been stuck in a rut with the brand I regularly use, but it’s hard to switch b/c you don’t know if another brand will hold up to your expectations, and let’s face it, these items are pricy! I would like to see how my ‘regular’ brand matches up to the competition.

  7. Karen C Hill

    I’d love to take this challenge – this is my usual brand but it would be interesting to see the difference between it and others

  8. Donnas

    I’m at an age where I don’t use these products anymore, but I’d definitely do the challenge with blue water and post results.

  9. Treen Goodwin

    I would love to participate to try this brand , i live to try new brands , i have never tried this brand , i am up for the challenge 🙂 thanks for he chance 🙂

  10. kathy downey

    I would loove to participate to try this brand ,i am always on the lookout for the perfect pad for my needs

  11. ginette4

    I’ve always wanted to try this test myself and see the result firsthand, sitting at home and watching it on tv you always think if the results are truthful..thank you for the chance

  12. Sandy Guerra

    I would love to try this challenge. I always using pads and love to try Stayfree. (no blog just on fb and twitter @sandypeachy1)

  13. Maryanne

    I have never tried Stayfree and the challenge would be interesting to test against my current brand! You never know what the results might be!

  14. Carey Hurst

    I would love to participate to find better absorbency but I also have a very inquisitive toddler who needs to learn new things and I think this would be a very neat thing to show him. I want my son to grow up knowing the normal functions o life and being okay with them and this could very well help ease any of the taboo feelings around what happens in a girls body. Yes my toddler is a boy but that is the point .. Plus it is neat to do challenges .
    Carey Hurst recently posted…Tales of A Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom: The Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee Release BlitzMy Profile

  15. Wendy hutton

    I would love to join as it has been years since I have used Stayfree and I hear they are gratly improved

  16. caryn s

    I always liked staffer products and have been interested in the challenge to see how well the brands really preform up close and personal!

  17. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux

    I would love to try this out! I haven’t tried Stayfree before, I usually lean towards other brands out of habit.

  18. Haroon Khan

    I would like to participate as it sounds like a great product and I would like to try and see the results for myself.

  19. Jennifer andrews

    I love to give my opinion and this sounds perfect. I have always used these sanitary napkins. Big advocate already lol

  20. angela eagle

    Id like to participate in this challenge because I think its a valuable tool to help people pick good products and promote good products

  21. Wanda Tracey

    I am taking the challenge because I know this brand is excellent and the women in this home ,my daughter and granddaughters are firm supporters of this brand.It is interesting just to see how it compares to other brands.

  22. sabina edwards

    I’m interested to see how well these do for me. I use three different pad types during my period, the first day is light, the seond day and third are usually murder and the last days vary

  23. Teresa Wright

    Wow, this would be terrific. I’m a single mom of three girls (can you say bulk supplies of sanitary products) They’re now 15, 21 & 26 – this is a pretty Hot Topic for all of us.
    As you can imagine, value is incredibly important. Given that, we’ve never been particularly brand loyal; what we want & need is performance. I know that taking this challenge, not watching it, but actually executing it with our own hands is very likely to sway our opinion and might just make us forever fans. I have always wanted to see the real/live results of pouring that blue liquid. Let’s go Stayfree, Challenge accepted – bring it on!
    Oh,and this will be such a great post for my blog! – I’m So excited!!
    Visit My Blog

  24. Melissa F

    This looks like fun to do! I used to see commercials that did this and it looked so neat. Lol, I’m a science geek.

  25. Maritess

    I like testing products and before I recommend something to family and friends I always make sure that I have tested and tried it.

  26. Margo B

    I’d love to do this challenge because I love a good challenge and I like to see for myself how a product actually works. It would be interesting to see first hand how this product is better the the rest. I look forward to the challenge

  27. MaryG.

    I’d love to participate in the challenge because I’ve never tried this brand before and would love to see how it hold up!

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