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Live Without Electricity Mexico Travel

Who Needs Electricity Anyways? #Mexico #Travel

Over the past 10 years of living in Mexico*, I would consider my day to be a success if I had a shower or managed to sweep the floor. Yes, that’s what success looks like in Mexico. So, you can… «more»

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Where Do You Get Your Home Decor Inspiration?

When you think about your home, the place in which you live, learn and thrive, what inspires you? My inspiration comes from many different sources such as; Pinterest*, Magazine, Store Displays, Blogs, Local newspapers and even my friends homes. Have… «more»

Annual Roadtrip to Canada

What We Did for 4 Months While Travelling in Mexico

After 16 weeks and 1 day living in Mexico, we’re finally back in Canada. This was the longest time we’ve been in Mexico since 2008. By about 3 weeks. We stayed longer this year because the weather was amazing there… «more»

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Does Being Late Bother You?

You’re invited to a party. The invitation says 6:30pm. At exactly 6:26pm, you pull into the driveway or you dial the hosts to let them know that you’ll be a bit late. No more than 10 or 15 minutes. If… «more»

Travelling Without Medical Insurance

Travelling without Medical Insurance

We travel a lot. In fact, six months of the year we are somewhere in between Canada, USA and Mexico*. When in Canada, we have Free National Health Coverage. When in the USA, we purchase supplementary insurance. When in Mexico,… «more»

Fuerte Avocado Mexico

Can you Identify this Type of Mexican Avocado?

Before I came to Mexico, I thought that there was one type of avocado; Hass. Since coming to Mexico, I learned that there were two types of avocados; Hass and This One. Since I started researching this Wordless Wednesday post*,… «more»