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Can you Believe Who Has Turned Two.5 Years Young?

It was two and a half years ago that the kids were born (December 11, 2009). I don’t think that I’ve ever published their birth story but if you want a little information, you can catch up on the (new)… «more»

The Kids Turn 19-Months Old, Nipissing Update.

On July 11, the kids turned 19 months old so we headed to the doctor for their 18-month check-up (we’re a bit behind schedule). It’s been 14 weeks since their last doctors’ appointment (April 15). Thankfully, they got some shots… «more»

Where did 16 Months Go? Nipissing Development Update.

Today marks the kids 16 month birthday. They have a doctors appointment on Friday (their first since December 13). Other than that, they meet all of their milestones on the “Nippissing Developmental Milestone Checklist” for 15 months (adjusted). While preparing… «more»

Update: Nipissing Developmental Screen Checklist for 12 Months

Over the past year, I’ve been regularly referring to the “Nipissing District Developmental Screen” . I’m not sure how long they’ve been used in Ontario or if they’re standard. However, our Doctors compares the kids actions to a set list… «more»