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James Bond 007 Marathon #6

Tonight we watched “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) with James Bond #2, George Lazenby. This was George Lazenby’s one and only James Bond movie. Ed and I can’t see why. I love his accent, cleft chin and “James Bond”ness.… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon #2 and #3

Last night we watched “From Russia with Love”. I really like the movie and rated it an “8”. It had amazing belly dancing, a deep plot (perhaps a bit too deep for my sleep deprived brain), gadgets from “Q” (although… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon

Ed came home today with an epic garage sale find. A box of VCR tapes. But not just any coveted VCR tapes but (almost) the complete James Bond library! And so begins our 007 Marathon (there are 23 in total… «more»