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Weekly Zoo Update (May 19)

Family Update On Friday May 8, Nanna arrived for Mothers Day weekend. Before she even had her coat off, Ed and I were halfway to Finnerty’s for our monthly “Date Night”. Sunday breakfast was a real treat as I didn’t… «more»

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Are you a Blog Sabatoger, Bully or an Enabler?

Ever get that sinking feeling that something just isn’t right, that someone is sabatoging you?I have that feeling. I won’t go into specifics because as they say in Hollywood, “All Publicity is Good Publicity” (although I think a few people… «more»

Not Another Cooking Blog

You’d think that I was trying to alienate all of you. What, with yet another post about my dinner and no pictures of the kids. Hey, it beats posts about Bond right? Oops, I go on to talk about Bond… «more»

What’s for Dinner?

Today I actually made it to Playgroup. You see, last Tuesday, Ed helped me get the kids all ready (it takes two to make it on time). When we arrived, there was a sign on the door saying that playgroup… «more»

Nanna’s visit

After eight sleeps, it was time for Nanna to go home. We can’t thank you enough Nanna for coming to stay with us while Ed was away. We are looking forward to Poppa’s visit. Here is a snapshot of the… «more»

The Week of September 18, 2011

Nanna’s here (arrived on Thursday), Ed’s in Orlando on business (until Thursday), Artemis has a head cold (no fever thankfully), and Max is still obsessed with cars. Yes, Max’s hair is getting long. No, I’m not going to cut it… «more»

Negligence with a Touch of Guilt

I have been so negligent. That and my conscience Ed haven’t been reminding me to post. See, it’s not my fault. We spent the weekend with our neighbours Marcella and her friend Laura. When we were home, we ate chez… «more»

Uncle Andrew’s Gone/Ed’s Here

Not sure if I mentioned it but Uncle Andrew was here (from Friday until Tuesday) and now he’s gone. We had a busy visit (very unusual for us, definitely had something to do with the kids). No pictures to prove… «more»

New Feature: Email Subscription

As you may have noticed, I’ve been making some changes to the blog; the design, (LinkWithin) post icons at the bottom of each post and now this, Email Subscription. My fellow BLM, Franchesca over at Small Bird Studios (a blog… «more»