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150506-The Kids2

A Friendship that Just Keeps Getting Better With Age

Do You Have a Friendship That Keeps Getting Better? A Friendship that Just Keeps Getting Better With Age @zoojourneys — Journeys of The Zoo (@zoojourneys) May 20, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Spider-600

Out, Damn’d Spider! Out, I Say!

You know when you look at something and it doesn’t look quite right but you can’t put your finger on the problem. Well, that’s been happening to me a lot lately and I finally figured it out… On a sidenote,… «more»

Graphic-Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old Photography

Through the Eyes of a Child #Photography

This year, Max has taken a real interest in photography. So much so that Ed bought him a Canon PowerShot A480 all of his very own and a mini tripod. Whenever he wants to take a picture, he carefully takes… «more»

Eds Birthday Cake

Happy 14 ¾ Birthday! Say What?

In case you didn’t know, Ed is a leap year baby which means that he (technically) turned 14 ¾* on February 28**. Or, if you look at the picture, he turned one. I doubt that he’d be picky about either… «more»

Garden Full of Weeds

Does Your Garden Look Like This After Vacation?

Every year, I look forward to my garden. Tilling, planting, harvesting, watering and even weeding. My excitement begins after the garden has been tilled in the Fall. I carefully harvest the seeds that I can, place them in paper bags… «more»

African Lion Safari Riding the Train

A Boy and His Trampoline #StopMotion

Remember how I recently posted a quick and easy tutorial on a stop motion animation app called MonkeyJam. Well, I’m in love. Probably as much as the Vine app. The only thing that it doesn’t do that I wish it… «more»

Canada Day Flag

Celebrating Canada Day 2014 the Newfoundland Way

If I had actually posted this Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday like everyone else (don’t get me started) then today would actually be Canada Day. But it isn’t so let’s pretend. Speaking of pretending, since Canada Day fell on a Tuesday… «more»