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150808-Andrews 40 Birthday7

Eight Things You’ll Need For An Authentic Farm Party!

This past Saturday, a group of Family and Friends hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for Uncle Andrew. It all started last summer after an impromptu Family dinner. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that we thought we needed to do… «more»

Doing The Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing Even When It’s Not Right

This week, The Kids were writing Thank You Notes to Uncle Mike and Family for all their recent gifts. You remember the bane of my existence, those cupcakes. Then I remembered that I have been negligent in writing a letter… «more»

The Zoo Visits New York City

The Zoo spent last week (three nights, Tuesday to Friday) in New York City. There’s so much to tell that I don’t even know where to begin. I could tell you about the drive (658 km which took us nine… «more»

Uncle Andrew Was Here

I’m totally behind the eight ball. Uncle Andrew was here but now he’s gone. Before you know it (read: Thursday), Nanna will be here. And after that, Poppa. All of this within the next two weeks. Ed got a new… «more»