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Good News, Bad News and Canadian Blog Award Winner

Back in October 2012, Journeys of The Zoo politely asked* that if you liked our blog and thought it was in the least bit funny, you would vote for us.In case you’re unaware, through some twist of fate, we’d been… «more»

Have you Been Nominated for a Liebster Award?

Earlier this week, we were nominated for a 2012 Canadian Blog Award in the Humour Category (go HERE to vote).And today, I found out that Real Momma nominated us for a Liebster Award! If you feel like you’re watching GroundHog… «more»

We’ve been Nominated for a 2012 Canadian Blog Award!

Since May 2010, Journeys of The Zoo has been sharing our adventures in Life, Loss and Everything in between. Along the way, we’ve thrown in some Reviews and Giveaways and generally evolved into a writing style that is a true… «more»