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WIN at the Weekly #Giveaway Linky, WW, 12/4

Last week at this time, it was -10 and we were outside making snowmen. Today it was 20 degrees and we’re making mud puddles. What a difference 30 degrees makes. However, I am not fooled by the pleasant weather. I… «more»

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Teach Your Baby Sign Language With Tiny Talkers

Sign language has always intrigued me. As a teen, a bunch of friends and I took a sign language course. I can’t remember much of it now but I know that we could carry on a basic conversation and that… «more»

Pickle Peas Baby Bibs are Stylish and Keep Clothes Dry

Drool. Slobber. Dribble. Whatever you call it, changing your baby for the 10th time in as many hours isn’t fun. What if you could embrace your baby’s natural inclination and have them looking stylish at the same time? You can… «more»

Kids Get Clean and Have Fun with Pampers Kandoo

Cleanliness is an important concept to teach our children. Seeing as The Zoo has two potty training toddlers, good old-fashioned hand washing is a regular theme around here.That’s why we were pleased to add some Pampers Kandoo products to our… «more»

Boogie Wipes makes Sore Noses a Thing of the Past

Anyone with a Toddler is no stranger to endless colds and other ailments. Seeing as The Zoo has twice the nose-cleaning to do, we were excited to try Boogie Wipes, ‘Gentle Saline Wipes for Stuffy Noses’. Boogie Wipes. Snot your… «more»