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150808-Andrews 40 Birthday7

Eight Things You’ll Need For An Authentic Farm Party!

This past Saturday, a group of Family and Friends hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for Uncle Andrew. It all started last summer after an impromptu Family dinner. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that we thought we needed to do… «more»

Stock-Candle Kids Fifth Birthday

Start this Fun Birthday Tradition with Your Kids!

Every year, I provide an annual update on The Kids that I post (around) their birthday. I share about how they’ve developed and what they’ve learned throughout the year based on the Nipissing District Developmental Screen Checklist for 60 months… «more»

Eds Birthday Cake

Happy 14 ¾ Birthday! Say What?

In case you didn’t know, Ed is a leap year baby which means that he (technically) turned 14 ¾* on February 28**. Or, if you look at the picture, he turned one. I doubt that he’d be picky about either… «more»

Vine Logo

A Symphony of VINES

Since I saw my first Vine, I’ve been a fan. So much so that I’ve been vining whenever I get the chance. I love that all I have to come up with is 7 seconds of greatness (or not). I… «more»

These are a Few of my Favourite Things…

A few weeks ago, I visited Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday Hop and ended up posting about How the Gift of a Quarter Changed my Life.These things happen. One of’s.But then, I stopped by this week and it happened again.… «more»

Are you Hard to Shop for? Create a Birthday Bucket List.

It was my birthday recently. Happens every year. Believe it or not. I’m getting older.Normally birthdays don’t phase me much (although 30 was pretty tough) but this year, I realize that I look my age… If I’m lucky.Wow Mom, You… «more»